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How to Clean Grout

How to Clean Grout? How do I clean the grout in between my tiles it’s really grimy and really dirty and it is hard to clean. I’m going to show you a great trick today on how to whiten and brighten your grout and I’ll also give you some pointers about how to prolong the cleaning that you’re going to be doing today. so as you know I always talk about the tools what we need to get the job done the first thing that we’ll use is it cotton cloth the next thing you’ll need is some water in a spray bottle.

Next thing you’ll need is the cleaning toothbrush and finally some baking soda something I want to point out about Road as well is the reason it gets so dirty is because growth is a lot like the Plus on our skin it absorbs everything now unlike our skin you can see all growth by just picking up a grout sealant actually home store. What you would have to do is clean the grout very well first and then apply the sealant the releasing Brown gets dirty is because either it was never sealed properly in the first place or the sealant has come off now what we want the floor and use dirty water you’re actually making the situation worse you’re pushing that dirt from the dirty mop water into the ground so it’s not good and when you’re in the bathroom and you’re showering whatever comes off your body is slowly being absorbed into the grout as well so growth is really a tough thing to deal but tile floors are great to hop so it’s a give and take.

The technique that we’re going to use is very simple the first thing I’ll do is spray the grout line the second thing that I’ll do is apply baking soda to that growler and this will form a paste and that paste is what is going to solve your problem now good things come to those who wait right okay this is going to take us about minutes, the road became perfectly clean after just leaving baking soda on earth for about minutes and scrubbing it off of my awesome cleaning toothbrush. If your grout is really bad we may want to try with the lemon which is a natural brightener as opposed to spraying it with water and then making a paste that would help.

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