How To Clean Fast - My Speed Cleaning Routine

How To Clean Fast – My Speed Cleaning Routine

Hey guys and welcome back to my blog so today’s article is my method for cleaning up as quickly as possible I’m calling it speed cleaning because sometimes you just don’t have the time to really go all out spend all day cleaning you want to get done quickly and sometimes you have people pop by unexpectedly and your place is just not ready for them so you have to get it done superfast.

With all of that said let’s go ahead and jump into the article so to get started I put all the supplies that I need into a bucket which I then I’m able to carry around with me room by room it just makes it super easy and convenient I also have a little checklist that I put together, so when I’m doing it quickly and I just focus on the main areas of my living space and the first area I tackle is my bedroom and my master bath so for my bedroom I set the timer for 10 minutes and I start by making the bed. So then I bring in a laundry basket and I use that as kind of a catch-all space to put any miscellaneous items or clothing items that need to be put away and then I deal with those items once it’s all collected mostly it’s things that need to go in the hamper or clothing items that need to be hung back up then I wipe down my vanity area this gets so messy because I do my makeup here so there’s powder and foundation and stuff everywhere next I go around the rest of the room and I just dust off the rest of the surfaces. I finish off my bedroom by vacuuming in the entire room but the hardwood and the rug.

I move on to do a super quick clean of my bathroom only takes me about five minutes I start by using my disinfecting cleaner and I squirt this all around the toilet on top of the toilet and also on the base of the toilet and I just let it air dry which is actually what they recommend for maximum disinfecting power then I will wipe down my sink and my mirrors, and if needed I will do a quick swipe of the inside of the toilet bowl then I come in here and vacuum the floor and mostly this is just all of my hair that’s shed everywhere and from there I’m done.

I start with my kitchen which takes between 10 to 15 minutes depending on my dish situation so I start by either unloading or loading the dishwasher I also remove the stove gaskets and I let them soak in soapy water while I then go around and wipe down all of the counter tops I also will wipe down the sink the microwave the fridge all of the surfaces in the kitchen once I’m done with that I rent off and dry the stove gaskets and put them back the stove area is probably the number one spot in my house that gets dirty and messy because we do so much cooking.

From there I move on to the family room I bring in that same laundry basket and I put anything that needs to be sorted or put away in another room I also will fold up my blanket and fluff all of the pillows I will then go around and do a quick dusting of everything in the room so the TV the mantel the blinds then I will wipe down my coffee table and my coffee table tray and also this little tray that I keep on the side of the couch and I finish everything off by vacuuming both at the family room and then I go back into the kitchen.

So after that I move into my office I follow the same method using the basket to put items that need to be moved and just clearing off all of the clutter from there I do a quick wipe down and dusting of my console and everything on my desk area and that’s pretty much it for my office it just takes less than five minutes.

The very last thing I will do is just take all of the used rags and throw them into the wash so that’s it for my super quick cleaning process it only takes me about 30 to 40 minutes when I do a full deep cleaning of my house it takes me over 4 hours so this is the highly expedited version for when I’m in a hurry.

All right guys so that is my method for speed cleaning I really hope you enjoyed it.


Why clean once a week when you can keep your home clean throughout the week!