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How to Clean Electric Stove Plates

How to Clean Electric Stove Plates: Dish washing fluid is great for cleaning stove plates.

Firstly, lift the stove plates (or burner plates, to use the correct term) out of your range. Obviously, hobs vary in design, but most coil and plate burners simply pull upward so their connectors just slide out of their sockets.

Next, wipe out any loose ‘crud’ from them with a damp cloth over an open garbage can.

Now, plug-up the sink, fill it about halfway with hot water and a tablespoon of dish washing fluid and then soak the burner plates in the solution for about 15 – 20 minutes. This helps to loosen any caked-on food and debris.

Once soaked, scrub away at the coils or back face of the plates with a wire pad, while dunking them periodically in the water. This aids rinsing.

When most of the grease has gone, empty the sink and then wipe the plates over with a dishcloth under a running tap.

Finally, wipe them over again with a clean dishcloth and then blot with sheets of kitchen towel until bone dry. This stops unsightly stains and spots appearing on the plates.

Your burners should now be good ‘n’ clean and ready for replacing back in the stove for you to mess up all over again!

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