How To Clean Coffee Stains Off Your Mug

How To Clean Coffee Stains Off Your Mug

How To Clean Coffee Stains Off Your Mug? how do I clean off the disgusting rings at the bottom of my coffee mug, you’re not the only person and I’m sure there’s many people out there who are experiencing the same, so I have a really great solution it’s really quick it’s really easy and you’re kind of probably going to think I should have thought of that myself, but you didn’t say that you came to me instead. Take your coffee cup take some basic regular tap water and take some good old-fashioned you guessed it baking soda, so what I need you to do is shake just a little bit of baking soda that’s right folks just a little bit of baking soda that much into the cup, just use your finger and being so is really safe and you scratch it around and take a look you will see the stains are coming right out this is an awesome trick and in fact you can use it on other things aside from coffee cups like you can use it on China you can use it on your small appliances anything that’s a little bit porous like this is a little bit porous so stains tend to sit in there definitely do not rate this afterwards is going to taste disgusting old coffee gross baking soda and warm water let me know what you thought about this. I hope it helps solve your problem.

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