How to Clean CDs and DVDs

How to Clean CDs and DVDs

How to Clean CDs and DVDs: The circular grip in the lower tray of a media-case can easily scratch the playing surface of a CD/DVD as it is placed back in. To avoid this, simply put the disk in upside-down. That’s playing side up and label side down.

Always avoid exposing compact discs to direct sunlight or extreme heat.

Never use harsh chemicals, particularly petroleum-based solvents like Acetone, on them as they will permanently ruin your disks.

To clean greasy finger-marks or oil spots from a CD, grab a soft cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol (ethanol or methanol will also surface) and then gently wipe the dirt way. Always wipe in straight lines from the center of the disc to the edge; otherwise, you may scratch the playing surface.

If you don’t have any rubbing alcohol to hand, try cleaning it with a cloth dipped in mineral water. Avoid tap water as mineral deposits may form and scratch the disk.

You can even clean your disks using a cloth dipped in a dilute solution of our old friend – white vinegar (I knew it’ll get in here somewhere).

Dust, dirt, or fingerprints can cause CDs to skip. Hold the CD/DVD by inserting your finger or thumb though the hole, and then wipe the surface lightly in straight lines as mentioned earlier. Never touch the shiny playing surface and avoid blowing them clean; otherwise, you might inadvertently spray little drops of spittle all over the disk!

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