How to Clean Car Floor Mats

How to Clean Car Floor Mats

How to Clean Car Floor Mats: Car mats are one of those things that we often forget about cleaning but then when we’re driving and kind of look down do one of these because they don’t usually look amazing but they’re easy to clean so in this video I’m gonna show you how to clean both your hard rubber mats and your soft upholstered mats and remember when the weather changes so should your mats.

If you need your car mats cleaned the best product to use for this task is plain white vinegar I’m just adding some to a clean spray bottle and then I’m using an iron handle brush just dry and I’m brushing off all of the loose dirt and salt that’s been ground into these car mats over those cold winter months it’s important to shake off your mat as well that way none of the debris sits on there for the next step now I’m treating each of the car mats with the plain vinegar don’t worry you cannot overdose on this and then you can rub it in again with that iron handle brush this will help agitate further and lift out some dirt and if you have to repeat it a few times no big deal.

Following that I’m using a high-pressure head on my garden hose to really get rid of any of the extra dirt or salt you can even see some of the salt coming out of my mat then I’ll put them in the Sun to dry for plastic car mats I’m filling a bucket with water and adding a squirt of dish soap maybe a tablespoon or so then I’m using that same iron handle brush just to give a good scrub down to those mats I like the iron handle brush because it can really get into those cracks and crevices and you can giver while you’re scrubbing it’s kind of like taking your car mats to the dentist for a good cleaning now.

I’m using that same high-pressure hose to get rid of any of that soapy water or any of that grime and a really good trick that I have to get any of those extra remnants up is to spritz the plastic car mats with some white vinegar and once that is sprayed on I’m just wiping it off with a micro fiber cloth this will help get rid of any extra salty stuff as you can see it’s pretty easy to keep your car mats clean you just got to do it so the next time you get that feeling go for it.

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