How To Get Kids to Start Cleaning, How to Clean Books

How to Clean Books

How to Clean Books: Stop your books going musty by arranging them at the front of shelves so allowing air to circulate around them from the back.

Always keep books away from direct sunlight, as this will fade the bindings and cause them to deteriorate.

To remove grease spots from books , rub the affected areas with white bread crumbs! It may seem unlikely but this ancient remedy works incredibly well – trust me!

Dry out the moisture in a damp book by sprinkling the pages with cornstarch. Let it sit overnight, and then brush the starch out.

To de-odorize books, place them in a big box together with a bowl of baking soda and then close the lid. The soda will not only help neutralize any lingering musty smells, but will also help to dry them out, too.

Treat leather-bound books periodically with a light olive oil to prevent the leather cracking. You can clean these too using the preparation we suggested earlier in the “How to Clean the Leather Furniture” section of the dining room chapter. Be careful when applying this so as not to touch any gilding on the book because the gold-leaf may lift off.

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