How to Clean an iPhone

How to Clean an iPhone

How to Clean an iPhone? I’ve done is I’ve gone straight to the source and figured out how to properly safely and effectively clean your touchscreen phone this information will apply to any phone with a touchscreen interface I only have two so I’m going to show you how to clean your iPhone or how to clean your blackberry while I was researching this topic I came across a lot of information that was being shared some people suggest using scotch tape rubbing alcohol Windex I blacked cleaner their sleeve their jeans crispy crackly paper towel a rough cloth one person even suggested that licking the screen was the best way to go.

So let’s give it a try gotcha I’m pretty confident we can find another way to correctly clean this screen let’s start out by clearing up a complete cleaning misconception that is that you need a lot of harsh chemicals to make something clean most cleaning can be done very effectively with just one good cleaning cloth my strong recommendation is using an optical cloth how strongly are optical clocks recommended to be used for cleaning these kinds of phones well this one came the BlackBerry package so you be the judge what’s an optical cloth well it’s flat so it doesn’t have loops like what you would see in some of the other microfiber cloths have talked about before this means that no debris will cling onto the cloth which makes cleaning safe and effective for a very delicate screen let’s face it paper towel cloths your pants your sleeves they’re all super abrasive moreover it’s so easy for your clothes or a cleaning cloth to have other debris or screening ruining bric-a-brac stuck in it do you think that’s going to effectively clean your screen without ruining it.

I think not so for regular screen cleaning I’m talking fingerprints crap from your ear and anything else that happens on a day-to-day basis all you need is a dry optical cloth that’s it nothing on it no magic potion just your optical cloth and a little bit of elbow grease for tougher jobs say you have Jam or gravy or Jam and gravy on your phone from your jam and gravy sandwich why would you even eat that take a little bit of warm water a tiny drop of dish soap like the size of an ant put it into a bowl dip a tiny little corner of your optical cloth in that bowl buff out the area with the jam and gravy and then use the dry part of the clock to just wipe it off and buff it dry you won’t have any issues after that bonus tip anytime you buy an eyeglass cleaning kit or a flat-screen TV cleaning kit or a foam cleaning kit it is one of two things dish soap and water voila like we’ve seen here or rubbing alcohol and water save your money and make this stuff at home.

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