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How To Clean A Toilet in 3 Minutes

How To Clean A Toilet in 3 Minutes? Here’s what you’ll need. Rubber gloves, I have white ones for the bathroom and blue ones for the kitchen. That way I don’t cross-contaminate. Toothbrush. I like to use a separate toothbrush when I’m cleaning the bathroom than I would anywhere in the house. So here’s just a brand new one, and we’ll keep it only for the bathroom.

Toilet bowl cleaner, any kind will do and this goes specifically in the bowl, under the rim. I’ll show you exactly how to do it. Toilet bowl brush. It’s a toilet bowl brush, you use it in the toilet. All purpose cleaner. This is a homemade recipe, but you can use anything you like. And paper towels, I like using paper towels when I’m cleaning a toilet. That way I can just throw out the paper and not have to worry about washing the cloths after, especially if you’re a little freaky about cross-contamination.

Okay. Start the clock. Let’s go. First thing we’ll do, grab some all purpose cleaner and we’re going to spray the toilet from the top all the way down to the bottom, making sure we get the seat and the lid. Check it out. We’re going to spray using the mist setting. Again, the mix I’m using here is tablespoon of dish washing liquid and about ounces of regular tap water. Don’t forget the toilet base. Then, grab the toilet bowl cleaner and put it under the rim. Now we’ll just start wiping the toilet. So again, we’ll start at the top. We’ll work our way down to the bottom.

Using our paper towel, simply wipe in a steady consistent manner, changing paper towel often and paying particular attention to points of contact, like the toilet handle and the lids. Again, don’t forget the toilet base and use your toothbrush for those hard to reach areas like the hinges. And the final thing is just to clean the bowl. We let the toilet bowl cleaner sit so that it can break down any limescale, dirt, and bacteria. Flush and hold. That will just rinse out the brush. To dry the brush off, simply leave it under the seat for a minute. Everything will drip dry, and then you can put it back into your bowl container.

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