How to Clean a Toaster

How to Clean a Toaster

How to Clean a Toaster? Toasters the unwanted wedding gift the college dorm necessity and the perpetuator of our addiction to carbs well except for me because I happen to be wheat intolerant and I haven’t had a darn piece of toast in over years not like I’m upset about it or anything that aside you guys have all kinds of toaster cleaning questions and I can’t blame you because the toaster is this little compartmentalized gadget that gets placed neatly in a corner and it hides all of its dirty little secrets on those racks or in the crumb tray and to make matters more complicated there are two kinds of toasters out there pop-up toasters and toaster ovens and each of them need to be cleaned a little bit differently so to be safe I’ll teach you how to clean both.

Keep in mind that a toaster is not like a barbecue which kind of tastes better with charred bits at the bottom a dirty toaster can smell smoke catch fire and make a food taste bad you have to clean these toasters out ideally once every couple of weeks for just a quick clean and then do a more thorough clean about once a month so I’ll show you how to do both here’s what you’ll need a small cleaning toothbrush nail polish remover cream of tartar dish soap a sponge I deal non-scratching and a cloth for starters unplug the toaster wait until it’s cool to clean then remove the crumb tray and brush it off into the sink or garbage just give it a wipe and set aside now on to those crazy coils you obviously can’t remove them so you need to actually brush it clean.

So what you’re going to do is dampen your cleaning toothbrush with water and use it to brush any of the particles out on the sides that are trapped in the coils and keep a paper towel under the toaster while doing this to avoid getting crumbs everywhere you can’t rinse the coils which is why we’re only using water and no dish soap on the toothbrush when that’s done clean the exterior with your sponge in soapy water if the exterior is stainless steel you can make a paste of cream of tartar and water to scrub the gums off and that will shine it up now here’s a cool tip if you have color transfers on your toaster say from plastic bags you can use a little bit of nail polish remover to get those marks off all you need to do is put some on a cotton ball wipe it away and boom the stain will be going.

Here’s what you’ll need soft sponge cream of tartar dish soap nail polish remover and a cloth once again we’re going to unplug the toaster wait until it’s cool to clean it your toaster is always cool but you know what I mean remove the racks to start make a paste of cream of tarter and water this will be safe for the interior wire racks exterior and the glass door apply the paste to the racks and let them sit in the sink to soak do this for the crumb tray as well now we usually line ours with tin foil to make cleanup easier especially because a lot of things with cheese get created in our toaster here’s where things get a little bit spicy add the paste to the sponge apply the paste to the interior of the toaster and then the exterior use a cloth dampened with water to rinse the interior and then move on to the exterior do the same thing and then buff everything to dry finally you’ll clean the racks and the trays in the sink put the whole thing back together and you’re good to toast so long as it’s been thoroughly dried.  There’s an easy way to remove it all you need to do is take a little bit of nail polish remover put it on a cotton ball and just wipe the stain away on the toaster it’s really easy and works like a charm.

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