How to Clean a Smoke Damaged Microwave

How to Clean a Smoke Damaged Microwave

How to Clean a Smoke Damaged Microwave: Most people have experienced the awful smell of burning popcorn; it’s enough to make your nostrils burn and your eyes water. The smell often lasts for days. In the worst cases of burnt popcorn or other foods in your microwave, you might even find burn marks on the interior of your appliance. These burns marks can be tricky to remove; certain cleaning products can damage the microwave further or taint your food. Follow these handy tips to keep your microwave clean and fresh.

So, how do you clean it? With baking soda, of course!

Simply sprinkle the soda around the inside of the oven, and rub it in with a damp paper towel or micro-fiber cloth until the stains come out.

Finally, steam-clean the inside of the microwave using the methods explained earlier.

Though the microwave may smell for a while, the burnt-odor will eventually disappear within a month or so. Do let me know if you have any tips on How to Clean a Smoke Damaged Microwave.

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