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How to Clean a Refrigerator

How to Clean a Refrigerator? Fridges are an incredible advancement in modern society think about it we can keep our food safely chilled extending the shelf life by weeks at a time without even batting an eye however we sure take full advantage of this technology don’t we they’ve become notorious for sprouting science experiments those slimy bags in the crisper drawer and a friend of mine even admitted to me disgustingly and somewhat embarrassingly actually that if you use this as fridge to store old food until garbage day.

Start by removing items from the fridge shelf by shelf have a garbage can recycling bin and the nose plugs nearby this is the time where you pitch what you don’t need check all expiry dates do a smell test and be realistic about this process get rid of the garbage clearing out the fridge is just as important as cleaning out the fridge my rule of thumb if you haven’t used it in six months it goes in the garbage next if you can remove each shelf and place them on top of your counter or stove if you can’t remove shelves you’ll simply have to wipe the top and the bottom by hand remove the crisper bins and place those on your countertop as well if you can remove the side shelves exposing the door now that you’ve got an empty fridge spray the inside of the fridge down liberally you’re going to use an all-purpose cleaner any brand should work and you’re going to get the product all over the interior like dripping normally I suggest using less product and more elbow grease but this is just a job that’s done occasionally at best so we’ll take full advantage of the empty fridge.

Now if you have a stained area apply a bit of baking soda to it speaking of my favourite business this is a great time to change about the baking soda so go for it baking soda is the ultimate fridge freshener and great for keeping odors at bay it should be changed every three to six months while the fridge is soaking let’s get to cleaning those drawers and shelves use a microfiber cloth and a non scratch sponge where required and warm soapy water no special product is needed here just simple wiping in a sink if the shelves are large like mine or don’t fit in your sink you can clean them over a towel on your stove or counter rinse it with clean water if possible or wipe soapy residue off with a clean cloth and then buff dry we’re going to do this for each piece now take your cloth and yawn scratching sponge and begin cleaning the guts of the fridge starting at the top and working your way to the bottom if it’s really crummy have a garbage can near you for easy deposits of amassed crumbs wipe with a clean cloth to remove remaining residue something else you can try to keep your fridge smelling fresh is to take a little bit of vanilla extract put it on a paper towel and wipe the plastic lining of your refrigerator down it will not turn your fridge brown but it will leave it with an incredibly and fresh smell.

Now start putting things back together ideally with the right configuration and then replace the foods where they belong I wipe all bottles containers and jars on the sides in the bottom to get rid of any stickiness before I replace them another handy tip is to line your crisper bins with paper towels and replacing the paper towel sheets each week when you buy new produce this avoids all that disgusting build-up which accumulates in the bottom of these drawers over time a couple things you can do once or twice a year include unplugging the fridge and vacuuming the coils at the back because let’s us means a more efficient quieter and less expensive fridge to power make sense right just remember to plug it back in after or else you’ve got a way bigger problem on your hands now you can also clean the vent at the bottom and some fridges even come with a drip tray at the bottom I bet you didn’t know that so if you can find yours because they are a little bit elusive you may want to pull it out give it a wipe down and put it back.

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