How to Clean a Really Dirty Oven

How to Clean a Really Dirty Oven

How to Clean a Really Dirty Oven: If the inside of your oven looks like it was sprayed painted with a combination of black tar and asphalt, then don’t despair, baking soda is still up to the job – you just need A LOT more of it!

Here’s what to do. Buy a big bag of Sodium Bicarbonate and mix a bowlful with enough water to form a thin paste. Using a cloth, spread the paste evenly over the inside of the door and walls of the oven. Leave the paste for at least 30 minutes to allow it to soften any baked-on patches of grease. Then, grab a plastic wallpaper scraper (a metal one may damage the paintwork) and scrape away the gunk now formed. Lastly, wipe off any residue with a damp rag and rinse the scraper under the tap. Your oven should be sparkling despite not using a single toxic chemical. Baking soda really is amazing stuff!

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