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How to Clean a Mirror

How to Clean a Mirror:  To properly clean a mirror you only need a couple of things first we’ll start off with my favorite homemade glass cleaner which is simply one part vinegar one part water so what that means is about a cup of vinegar and a cup of water so just put that in a spray bottle and then you will need a glass cleaning cloth and if you take a look at this cloth you’ll see that it’s a flat weave which is very different than your traditional standard terry style weave and this is great because it won’t cling on to any debris it also dries a lot quicker and helps reduce streaks which is exactly what you want when you’re cleaning a mirror and for those folks who say I have lots of hairspray or other gunky buildup on my mirror I have a quick solution for you it’s called rubbing alcohol all you need is a little bit of rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad and you can quickly buff away.

I don’t even know what I was trying to get out there but you just take the cotton pad and you put some rubbing alcohol on there quickly buff out any of that disgusting stuff and then you can proceed with your regular mirror cleaning now why you would want to start with the rubbing alcohol first because if you clean the mirror and you have that goopy stuff I’m sure you’ve seen this happen before your cloth starts to drag that dirt with you and then you get marks of the dirt all over your mirror so we can avoid that by quick using the rubbing alcohol trick first then moving on to our s pattern mirror cleaning so let’s get to it to start things off we’ll put a little bit of rubbing alcohol onto the cotton pad and we’ll locate any of those difficult to clean areas for example hairspray and gently wipe those areas clean so that you can proceed with the rest of the cleaning process the rest of the cleaning process simply entails spraying your mirror with your water in vinegar solution starting from the top working your way to the bottom and then taking your cloth and folding it in quarters with / you’re going to use the S pattern which is starting at the top left swing your way over to the right and then continuing to zigzag your way down the mirror until you get right to the bottom this will take care of the majority of stuff on your mirror that needs to be wiped away then we’ll use the light to help us determine if there are any streaks and what I mean by that is we’ll stand at a degree angle from the mirror and look at it with some light that way we’ll know if there are any streaks or marks that need to be retouched well there is a very simple fix to your mirror cleaning woes.

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