The Lazy Way to Clean Your Microwave, How to Clean A Microwave

How to Clean A Microwave

How to Clean A Microwave? One of the questions we have asked quite a bit is how to clean the microwave, so all you’ll do is take a bowl fill it about half way with water cut a lemon in half and then juice the lemon into the bowl then you’ll pop this in the microwave for five minutes and you’re going to give your microwave a facial the reason this works so well is because the lemon and the water creates steam in this contained chamber we call a microwave for five minutes all this concoction is doing is clinging to the walls and the dirt breaking it down making it very easy to wipe away. 

When those five minutes are up using a dampened microfiber cloth clean the insides of the microwave starting with the sides getting the top as well as the bottom don’t forget to remove that little plate and clean that as well now obviously you don’t want to do this when the microwave is piping hot but you want to do it when it’s warm because that’s going to make the cleaning a lot easier if a microfiber cloth isn’t cutting it for you switch to a double-sided sponge or a scraper and that will help get rid of any extra gunk don’t forget to clean inside the door as well and you can even take your microfiber cloth dip it into that lemony water and clean any buttons or dials on your microwave if you want to be extra good you can even clean underneath your microwave.

Just move it out of the way give it a wipe and put it back you’d be quite surprised what you can find under there a great tip if you want to avoid any of those crazies splatters in the future is to take a bowl similar to the shape and size of the bowl you’re going to be using to cook with and use that to cover up the food I do this all the time and it keeps my microwave spotless the thing I love about this routine is that I can do something else while the microwave is doing the work for me so really in terms of scrub time it only takes me about to minutes plus I don’t know maybe seconds to cut the lemon and add water so it’s a really quick method I love it it works really well and I hope it works for you as well.

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