How to Clean a Flat Screen TV

How to Clean a Flat Screen TV

How to Clean a Flat Screen TV? what I want to point out to you is that if you are going to use some form of liquid it should only be distilled water not from a tap and no other cleaning products if you use anything other than distilled water you’ll have residue left on the screen if you’re using water from your tap you could have deposits or buildup eventually end up on there and that will ruin the anti-glare finish now you never want to spray directly at the screen reason being if anything drips down into the bottom where the screen meets the bind your screen will be trashed the other important tool to have as a proper microfiber cloth don’t use anything like paper towel clothing or any other cloth because it will undoubtedly scratch your screen and that will also make your screen trash flat-screen television manufacturers are wise enough to put an optical cloth in your box.

You can clean and dust your screen with just the cloth for general everyday maintenance but when you do find a streak or a fingerprint that’s when you want to start involving some moisture so I’ll start off by showing you a cleaning tip that doesn’t even involve water let’s get started with the most simple form of liquid on the planet our breath this tip is great for cleaning off little fingerprints on your screen your breath will provide enough moisture for you to wipe away that annoying little thing prynt without ever worrying about damaging your screen so all you need is a little clot take a deep breath find the spot on your screen that needs cleaning and below locate the fingerprint or streak directly on the screen that you want to get rid of take a deep breath exhale directly over the fingerprint or streak after that take your cloth and quickly buff it dry in a circular motion.

Another quick tip when you’re cleaning just make sure that the TV is off and it’s been off for a while you want to give it a few minutes to cool down before you do any cleaning now the water method if the mark on your screen happens to be anything nastier than a fingerprint or a streak you need to involve some liquid let me just remind you of my rules regarding using liquid close to a flat screen television never spray directly on the screen if you’re going to spray a cloth stand away from the television and do a light mist spray if you want to spray directly on your screen you might as well throw your warranty directly into the garbage once you’ve got your misted cloth and it should be almost dry you want to locate the spot on the screen that needs the cleaning and wipe in a circular motion just to get rid of that fingerprint nothing more once it’s misted you can take your finger and put it into the cloth like this so that you can be very exacting with where you want to do your cleaning but don’t apply too much pressure if you do again take the warranty and throw it out.

Your TV is going to be toast and also in case you’re wondering I am fully aware that there is an ad for polka dot underwear right behind me so yay fruit of the Loom the frame of your TV which is referred to as a high-gloss finish or a piano black finish can be clean the exact same way that your screen can be cleaned ultra damp dry cloths and make sure that you buff it dry with a perfectly dry cloth at the end of it or also get those annoying watermarks so the tip that I gave you is actually a great way to maintain your TV but also save a whack load of money I mean do you know what these kids go for if you’re gonna buy the kit just email me the money the basic contents of a kit are the optical cloth that you already get for free spray which is sorry guys basically a little bit of rubbing alcohol in a lot of water or a teeny tiny bit of dish soap in a lot of water that’s all it is the secret is oh is that worth your hard earned dollars if you follow the tips that I gave you your TV will be in great working order for many years to come or until they come up with a new piece of technology.

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