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How to Clean a Burnt Pan or Pot

Cooking is great screwing up a dish not so good, burning food at the bottom of your pan disaster. Is there an easier way to clean pots and pans aside from soaking them for three days well people normally do when they burn something or cook something without protecting the bottom of their casserole dish. However what you can see is oil spatters and thick soup from burning stuff that’s not coming off anytime soon so when you’re faced with a pan like this what do you do I’m going to scrub it for an hour are you going to let it sit for three days in your kitchen sticking the place up and looking absolutely horrendous?

So let’s talk tools for this task I recommend one or two drops of dish washing liquid the reason is it cuts grease and that’s what we need for a heavy-duty cleanup job second thing we’ll need some iron hammer some baking soda gloves to protect your lovely hands the cleaning toothbrush which I’ve cleaned because I’ve used it for a number of other bigger tasks and a sponge dull side let’s scrub the crap out of this pan first thing I’ll do is that just a bit of dish washing soap to the pan I told you if I want to cut grease.

The second thing I’m going to do is that about a tablespoon of baking soda to the bottom of the pan now you can see I’ve added some water to this and I forgot to mention it in the tools that you’ll need but come on who doesn’t have water in her kitchen okay so I’ve put the pan on high and they all will just let it simmer for a while the baking soda the water the dish washing liquid it’s all working in my favor the less elbow grease for me the better the heat will speed up the process of breaking down the soup at the bottom it’s tough water nonstick and you’ve still got something burning on the bottom that you can’t get off you need cooking classes my pan is starting to simmer out this is good I’ll take this foamy concoction dump it down the sink add a little bit more baking soda and be careful because the pot is hot it’s easy now I can use a toothbrush or I can use this market and a few quick swipes you can see how easy it was to clean even a worse pan how awesome is this I took a really nasty pan and I cleaned it in no time.

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