How to Clean a Blender

How to Clean a Blender

How to Clean a Blender:  Every day cleanup will kick things off by emptying out our blender jar first so dumping it or scraping it just to make sure you don’t have any really cakey stuff on the side then you’re going to add about a cup to a cup and a half of water and just one to two drops of dish soap then put the lid back on throw it on the base and give it a good spin for about seconds once that’s done just take the jar off the base jump it out in your sink add some running water just to rinse out any of those remnants and then put it on a towel and let it dry in my many years of blending experience allow me to strongly advise you to do what we just did right now immediately after you finish making your beverage that way you’re not going to have anything caked on that makes it so much harder to clean and if you do this every time you’re not gonna have to do any deep cleaning of your blender but that being said if you do need to do some deep cleaning I’ve got some tips for you as well stubborn stains let’s say hypothetically I mean cuz I nose would never happen that you didn’t take my advice and you didn’t clean your blender well after each use and now you’ve got some stubborn stains on it well here are a couple of things you can do to get rid of them.

Take the juice of one lemon add two to three tablespoons of baking soda and some water add that to your blender jar and run to speed ten or the highest speed find and then scrub it with a non-scratching sponge or cloth rinse it and dry it you can also try some good old vinegar and baking soda for this take / of a cup white vinegar add / cup baking soda throw in a couple of dashes of water that way you even out the reaction on the highest speed possible for a few seconds then clean it with a non scratching sponge or cloth rinse it and lay it to dry another option is to add to tablespoons of powdered dishwasher detergent and dissolve that in hot water in the blender jar let that soak for about an hour then take a non-scratching sponge or a cloth wipe the inside really well rinse it and lay it out to dry smelly blender if you notice some uptown funk coming from your blender all you need to do is throw a lemon in there add a little bit of water blend it up for seconds and that will deodorize your blender cleaning the base blending is an exciting sport and every so often things get a little overzealous and you know spills happen so it’s important to clean up the base to remove any of those spills or stains so they don’t get caked on this is really simple to do once you’ve removed the jar just take some all-purpose cleaner you can use one that you have or you can use a little bit of dish soap in some water spray it on your cloth I don’t like spraying directly onto any electronic item and then just give it a good wipe if you find that there is any gunk in any buttons you could use a little cleaning toothbrush to brush some of it out and then buff it dry with a cloth well I kick my mornings off with kale strawberries peanut butter coconut milk chia seeds.

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