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How to Clean a Bathtub

How to Clean a Bathtub: Cleaning your tub can seem like a scary overwhelming even back-breaking chore but it’s not in fact there’s a really easy way to do it and I’m gonna show you exactly what it is. If you need to clean your bathroom what does the dirty tub actually mean well first it means if you have any of this on your head that there’s probably hair in the tub guilty and there’s also soap scum in the tub and if you want to know what soap scum is it’s a disgusting slurry of dead skin cells dirt from your body oil from your body oil from your products and all the remnants that come out of soap and shampoo but it all kind of mixes together it’s wet going down and then when all the water dries up what’s left behind is soap scum and that stuff will look gray and might feel a little bit sticky or gritty if you run your hand along it it might look kind of stripy along the sides of your tub you’ll know it if you see it don’t confuse soap scum with bacteria there’s nothing in soap scum that can actually hurt you it’s just gross.

Now there are three different kinds of tubs that you might encounter there’s cast iron which are beautiful cloth footed gorgeous looking things I don’t have that in my house there’s acrylic or fiberglass tubs which kind of feel plasticky and then there is what I’m standing in which is just an enameled tub and that’s what we’re going to clean today now if you do have the other types of tubs you want to make sure that you’re using the appropriate cleaning products and tools obviously nothing that scratches because both of those finishes are quite delicate there are tons of different products out there for cleaning your tub and they probably all work really well I am going to keep it simple today and just make my own recipe with ingredients you probably already have just get yourself a mixing bowl and add equal parts of baking soda and dish soap here I’m using about a quarter cup of each this recipe does not keep well so you’re going to use it and then you got to get rid of it now I’m also adding about ten drops of essential oil today I chose grapefruit because I really like the smell and because citrus actually helps break down soap scum I’m gonna mix this together really well and there’s your recipe just a quick note if you plan to clean your shower tiles and your tub at the same time do your tiles first.

Then do your tub after you want to keep your tub dry until the very end here’s a quick tip to make sure your knees don’t take a beating while you’re scrubbing your tubs take a towel and fold it up a few times so that it’s nice and thick then rest your knees on the towel and that will make this process much more comfortable start with a dampened sponge and dip it into the mixture that you’ve created apply that on to the tub what you’re doing here is essentially giving your tub a facial mask if you will you’re gonna let this sit for about minutes or so the product is gonna start to work by breaking down all that soap scum and the baking soda will really help get rid of any of that stuff that’s really stuck on now when the time comes wet your sponge again and start at the back section of your tub working section by section use the scrubby side of your sponge and just work your way back and forth using an S pattern scrubbing as needed now if you encounter an area that is particularly scummy you can give it a bit of a buff in a circular motion and if you want to check to see if the soap scum is gone just run your finger along that area of the tub if it feels nice and smooth there’s no more soap scum now work your way all the way down to the end of the tub when it’s all done give it a good rinse you might want to use a container to do this or a removable showerhead if you have one once it’s rinsed and there’s no more product left behind either use the squeegee to get rid of the moisture or you can use a nice thick absorbent towel and might I recommend a makers microfiber cloth to do that even though it might have seemed like an overwhelming job.

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