How to Clean a Baby Stroller

How to Clean a Baby Stroller

How to Clean a Baby Stroller: I have really taken to being a mom can’t you tell I’m rolling around with a stroller in my house wearing mom jeans yeah they go all the way up and I have learned the wonders and the joys of having a messy dirty stroller and car seat situation. I’m gonna show you exactly how I clean my stroller and it’s just a quick note here if you don’t have enough of a view Vista which is what I’m gonna be demonstrating on just check your manufacturer’s website see exactly what they recommend for cleaning instructions but it will probably be quite similar to what I’m gonna do on this one.

After you’ve taken your baby out of the car seat by the way that is step one you can spray down the frame it’s just using a simple all-purpose cleaner you guys know my recipe a little bit of dish soap the rest of it water and of course I’m using one of my makers clean microfiber cloths to give it a good wipe down now I’m not using anything abrasive here you know if there’s a scuff mark maybe I would use a little bit of baking soda but I don’t want to scratch the aluminum frame next I’m removing the basket mine comes off with a series of snaps and velcro just figure out how yours comes off it’s generally pretty easy companies know you’re going to be doing a lot of cleaning mine hide a lot of milk stains on them I’m spraying the inner frame down as well the undercarriage if you will it literally is the under part of this baby carrot and I’m giving it a scrub down with the same solution now that I’ve collapsed my stroller.

I’m removing the wheels mine just come off with a quick press of a button but again you can figure out how to remove yours using your user manual I’m going to be cleaning the wheel as well so I’m taking these five components down to my old laundry room I’m gonna clean them I’m filling a sink with warm water and a little squirt of dish soap I’m using this solution to clean my wheels now I’ve just got a simple cleaning toothbrush here you don’t need anything fancy and the wheels that don’t have grease on them I’ll be submerging in the solution to clean the wheels that do have grease on them I’ll just be using the toothbrush to clean and then giving them a rinse making sure not to get those greasy parts actually wet because I want to keep the grease where it needs to be then of course I’m drawing everything really well now for the actual basket you can see I’ve got some crusty milk stains these will be easy to clean I’m just filling my sink with some warm water and I have a teaspoon here of laundry detergent I’m submerging the basket in the laundry detergent and water I’m using my cleaning toothbrush just scrub those stained areas trust me this stuff is made to be durable so you can scrub it and stains and odors will come out once you’ve got rid of everything that you need to give it a good squeeze get rid of extra liquid and start to rinse it under cool water to get rid of any of those suds then hang it to dry again this stuff does not go in the washer it does not go in the dryer it’s very very easy to clean and take care of with no machines I just want to remind you make sure that you check your manufacturer’s website to review all of the specifics about the care and maintenance for your particular stroller you’re carrying around precious cargo so you want to make sure that you’re doing it right.

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