How to Clean a Baby Car Seat

How to Clean a Baby Car Seat

How to Clean a Baby Car Seat: When you’re pregnant one of the first things you think about buying not the most exciting thing but definitely an important thing is a car seat because the way it goes is once you leave the hospital if that’s where you deliver your baby you have to take your baby home in something and it can’t be a backpack or a stork or a swaddle blanket you actually need an official car seat now I had a home birth so that actually didn’t apply for me although I was prepared for the hospital birth but for everyone else this is one of the first things you’re going to have and install and get really excited about and then once you actually have a baby and baby goes in the car seat you realize they get really dirty they drool all over everything accidents happen in there oh my gosh mine has seen a lot.

General principles are going to apply for most car seats the most important thing is to make sure that you either check the manufacturer’s website so you can see exactly the step by steps on how to do it but this will give you a pretty good idea or you can check the instruction manual that came with your particular car seat the most important thing is to do it properly and not hack or make up your own way to do it because safety is key when it comes to car seats I did a little bit of research ahead of time to learn exactly how to break down the mesa and I recommend that you do the same for whatever car seat you have it will take you a little bit of time to familiarize yourself with your car seat so that way you can easily disassemble it for cleaning but mine assembles and disassembles with these little clips that fit underneath the edge of the car seat so once I figured that part out I was golden essentially you want to remove everything right down to the straps and you want to leave any and all foam in place mine happens to be machine washable please read the fabric care label on yours and see if yours is.

I’m using gentle detergent a gentle cycle and cold water I’m also not using any stain removers or any laundry additives here now to clean the straps because they can’t be removed I’ve got a bowl with some water a little bit of laundry detergent in that smaller container and a creamy toothbrush and of course a microfiber cloth because you guys know I’m all about the microfiber I used the toothbrush to scrub any of those areas I know where Riley’s chewing and drooling so I know what I have to clean she has also pooped on the straps that’s what I was smelling so I give them a good little scrub rinse them with the microfiber cloth and then I look for any other areas around the car seat that need to be cleaned including the interior as well as this canopy over here and I’m just scrubbing with the little toothbrush rinsing with the water and the microfiber cloth you can give the entire exterior a nice good thorough wipe down I also wipe down the plastic parts because kids honestly gets everything in her mouth so I want to make sure it’s clean if you know what I mean once the cycle is over for the components that were machine washable I just took out my laundry drying rack and popped everything on there I have done this so many times now and I can tell you these dry within hours.

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