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How Often Should You Clean Common Items

How Often Should You Clean Common Items:

Every Day
Make the bed.
Spray shower with DIY shower spray.
Wash dishes.
Wipe counters and stovetop.
Sweep and vacuum floors in high-traffic spots.
Do laundry as needed.
Tidy up clutter and clean messes.

Every Week
Change bedding.
Vacuum and mop floors.
Vacuum upholstery.
Scour and dust.
Clean the microwave.
Wipe down kitchen appliances.
Sanitize sponges, and replace every 3–4 weeks.
Rinse drains with hot or boiling water.
Clean and sanitize makeup brushes.
Wipe off electronics.

Every Month
Dust light fixtures.
Clean heating and cooling vents.
Deep clean grout.
Clean windows and blinds.
Wipe down inside of refrigerator.
Clean the oven and dishwasher.
Deep clean coffee maker.
Wash trash cans.
Clean the washer and dryer.
Launder throw rugs.
Wash pillow covers.
Dust baseboards and moldings.
Clean and disinfect humidifiers.
Clean ceiling fans.
Wipe pantry shelves and inside cabinets.
Discard expired food.

Every 3–6 Months
Launder washable curtains. (Note: washing curtains can reduce their life span. Only launder curtains when they are visibly soiled.)
Clean comforters.
Vacuum, rotate, and deep clean the mattress.
Launder washable slipcovers.
Wash shower curtain liner.
Clean your vacuum.
Deep clean the freezer.
Clean books. Wipe books clean, and flip through the pages to prevent discoloration.

Every Year
Wash pillows (1–2 times per year, as needed).
Clean the fireplace, and hire a chimney sweep.
Clear the gutters.
Clean dryer vents.
Shampoo carpets.

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Why clean once a week when you can keep your home clean throughout the week!