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How Often Should I Clean the Oven

How Often Should I Clean the Oven: Ah, cleaning the oven – another horrible job! It’s so nasty; some of the less house-proud of us never clean it at all! Obviously, that’s not a good idea but how often should you do it?

Cleaning your oven should be a monthly task, but you should wipe down the oven door at least once a week. As with most things, the longer you leave it the harder it will be to get back into good condition.

Why? Your oven can become less efficient at reaching temperatures and eventually may just stop working all together if burnt food is left unattended. Crusty build up can also impact the taste of your food and, while high temperatures can kill some bacteria, it’s not a good place to be cooking food.

It depends on how much you use it! Like all cleaning, try to keep on top of the situation. As soon as you see splatters of food building, try to wipe them off as soon as the appliance cools down. As a keen baker, I use the oven a lot, so I usually give it a cursory wipe-over every week and then a proper clean once a month or so if there has been a lot of spillage.

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Why clean once a week when you can keep your home clean throughout the week!