How nasty is your washer and dryer

How nasty is your washer and dryer

How nasty is your washer and dryer: One of the biggest complaints that people have about their washer is that it smells and a great way to make sure the machine isn’t going to smell is to simply leave your door open after each use this is going to prevent moisture from being trapped inside your machine which leads to mold and mildew growing in there because it is a damp dark environment with old soap that it can kind of eat and flourish on so just by leaving your door open and for bonus points taking a cloth and wiping out the gasket both the exterior and the interior after each use that will prevent odors from forming if you’re noticing that there are issues with your clothes in terms of them not looking clean or there’s a smell that you just can’t get rid of it might be an issue of your soap dispenser or that you’re using too much detergent in your load what you have to do on a fairly regular basis.

Clean out the little trays where you pour your soap your fabric softener and your bleach if you use it you’ve got to clean that out every now and then a lot of business can grow under there over time again it’s a damp dark environment it’s got old soap in there it’s a really good place for smelly things to happen so you want to make sure you’re cleaning that now the other thing to keep in mind is that you’re using the effective dose the appropriate dose of laundry detergent to clean the amount of clothes that you’re putting in per load a lot of us feel like use a lot of soap your stuff will get cleaner well in fact if you use too much soap it’ll either stay behind in this tray leading to the issue I just talked about or if it happens to get through into the drum your clothes won’t actually rinse out clean there will be a deposit left behind that leads to Din genus so particularly with your whites they won’t come out looking as clean it’s really important to make sure that you’re using the right amount of laundry detergent in order to get the best possible wash.

Just like anything else in your home these appliances need TLC on a regular basis in order to work well one of the things that a lot of appliance companies have been doing is including something like a tub clean cycle so that way anytime you want to if you feel like your machine hasn’t been cleaned in a while or you did a particularly gross load in there you can simply run one of these cycles and that will clean your machine allowing it to clean your clothes properly now you might not need a tablet to do this or you might and if you do need a tablet you can pick those up at the grocery store and just run the hottest possible cycle you can with no clothing in the machine now how frequently you should do this depends on how frequently you’re doing laundry you’ll notice when your machine gets a little bit smelly or you see some dirt in there that is probably a great indication for you to do one of these cycles even after you’ve done all the things that we’ve just talked about and you notice that your clothes still aren’t coming out quite clean there’s some lint left behind or they just don’t look good and there’s a smell emanating from your machine and you can’t quite figure out why this is where my mom comes in it’s probably got to do with your pump filter I didn’t know it existed you probably didn’t know it existed and now we do so I’m gonna show you how to clean it and the question will come up certainly about frequency and how often you should clean it well my machine is working perfectly fine I haven’t clean mine once since I’ve had the machine but that doesn’t mean that’s the right thing to do I am going to start doing this probably twice a year and I will see if I have to do it more frequently depending on how much laundry you do you can either lever it up or leave it down either way now after watching this you’ll know how to do it.

Step one is to find where this thing is located and once you’ve done that there’s a hose so you’re going to pull that out and then loosen the plug and make sure you have a bucket because this thing is gonna drain guys I got over a liter of water draining out of this thing it took a while then screw it back on and put the hose back there’s a little clip you can put it right there this was an obligatory kind of fun shot that we had to just do and show you now you’ll unscrew that filter mine doesn’t look terrible but there certainly was that little line of scum which was revolting and a big chunk of dust so I used a cleaning toothbrush I didn’t even use dish soap here and I just gently brushed out all of that schmutz tap it off and then stick it back in it’s pretty easy to do took me less than three minutes to get this done we all know we’re supposed to clean the lint traps in our dryer and that’s about the size of dryer maintenance it does go a little further than that though and I’m going to explain to you why it is so important to clean out that lint and again. now if you don’t clean out that lint trap over time lint will build up and that can become a fire hazard this is what comes out of a lint trap this builds up and by the way people use this to start fires so yes little spark here and there that will ignite and you will have a dryer fire so no fun however your dryer lint trap isn’t the only thing that needs to be cleaned but the little housing where that lint trap sits is another area that needs to be cleaned.

If the lint trap isn’t working properly your clothes aren’t going to dry as efficiently as they should that’s probably a good indication that your filter and filter housing needs to be cleaned and of course what you need is this it’s also how an elephant puts on mascara the exterior of your washing machine and dryer needs a little bit of TLC as well on your washing machine specifically you can get a lot of powder and product build-up I’ve certainly spilled soap and that gets cakey and gross and on your dryer there’s a lot of dust every time I clean out the lint trap dust ends up settling on the machine quick solution for those – a microfiber cloth and a little bit of all-purpose cleaner that will take care of any of the detergent or powder on your washer and of course it’ll pick up the dust like a charm on your dryer.

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