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How Gross Are Your Carpets

How Gross Are Your Carpets: I’m gonna tell you something and you’re not gonna like it very much carpets are disgusting absolutely disgusting now I’m not just talking about carpets carpets I’m talking about rugs too they kind of fall into the same category now while they are disgusting and they absorb all kinds of things from our body and the environment don’t worry I’ll get into that in the article there are also some really easy ways that you can maintain your carpet to make them a little less disgusting so in this article I’m gonna gross you out I’m not I’m gonna give you the fix.

If you have carpet or rugs in your home carpets like dating profiles are deceiving we look at them we think they look clean but in fact they’re disgusting if you just think about what a carpet does it sits on your floor things fall from the top to the bottom where are they landing directly on your floor now if you have hard floor surfaces things like dander pet hair your hair crumbs stuff that comes off your shoes dust that blows into your house all of that stuff clumps together and forms dust bunnies they sound way cuter than they are but the point is at least you can see them and you can get rid of them with a carpet you don’t get dust bunnies everything just drops into the carpet like something dropped into the bottom of the ocean I’ve read an article not too long ago and I cannot say because I have not been able to find actual fact-checking on this point but I thought it was interesting enough to share that one square foot of carpet can contain up to a pound of dirt again I have not cut a square foot of carpet shaking it out and weighed the crap but I can imagine there would be quite a bit because even when you vacuum a carpet with an amazing vacuum you’re still only getting up about % of what lives in there.

You’ve seen a vacuum canister after a really good vacuum you know that thing is bursting when it comes to vacuuming you have to understand techniques and how to use your vacuum properly and of course you have to make sure that you have a good one so that it can actually do the job it needs to do there are a few vacuuming techniques that are really important and in fact we made a article on this a while back I will link that for you in the description box down below you should totally check it out because it will change the way that you vacuum but effectively we talked about doing what I call three passes which is forward back and on an angle which will allows you to cover off one space three times and what’s been said in the cleaning industry for a long time is that the best way to vacuum in terms of getting up the most amount of dirt now on top of that you want to make sure that your bag is empty or your canister is empty because something that’s full cannot absorb you want to make sure you’re using the right tool or head so when you’re using your vacuum on carpet you want to make sure that you’re using the power head with the beater bar that’s really important because it goes into the pile this is the action and it grips all the crap in there and it sends it back into the old canister or bag and finally it’s important to make sure that your vacuum has HEPA filtration it costs a little bit more but it is so important to have especially if you have pets kids or anybody at home with an compromised immune system or asthma.

There’s a really good chance that if you have carpets at home there are probably stains on them and even those of us who try our absolute best your dog’s gonna barf on the carpet you’ll spill nail polish on the carpet or someone a guest obviously never you would drop a glass of wine on your carpet stains happen and because I spend my whole life talking about cleaning I actually wrote a article all about getting rid of carpet stains specifically so I have a link tout party down below you can check that on it as well now a few best practices when it comes to getting rid of stains on your carpets first and foremost blot with a clean cloth or paper towel next you want to make sure that you’re not using too much product people have this tendency to overuse because they think that will help get rid of the stain in fact if you use too much product you’re gonna have like a ghost ring around your stain and that’s gonna be really hard to get rid of the more product the more suds the more stickiness so less is more when it comes to using this and then I had one more point but I’m gonna have to ask chatter Luke what it was because I totally forget guys and that point was always test your same removable solution on an inconspicuous area first because if your stain is front and center and you use the stain removal product that might not be so friendly toward your carpet you’re gonna have a bigger problem on your hand with a little wine stain if you walk into a space and you notice that it’s got this like stuffy you’re gonna say quoi it’s probably coming from the carpet because dirt clings on to those little carpet fibers these are little carpet fibers dirt clings on to those the dirt particles have odors associated with them because if they’re coming from your pets or the bottom of your shoes or old food yeah they’re gonna stink and that stuff is living in your carpet and ruminating and making your home smell bad.

So that’s why vacuuming is really important but that’s first and foremost let’s talk about when stains hit your carpets if you can’t deal with them immediately they’re going to seep in or if there’s a copious amount of liquid that gets into your carpet what’s eventually going to happen is the stain or the affecting matter is going to sink into your carpets under padding which is like this thin spongy layer that is supposed to be there to help absorb shock and make the carpet a little bit more comfortable to walk on but because it’s a sponge and it’s a cellular complex it will effectively absorb moisture and stains and odors and they won’t be able to get out and here at the CMS HQ you know that we always love sharing the most up-to-the-minute information with you some of you guys have brought to our attention over the years that if you vacuum up baking soda which is a tip that we suggest to remove odors from your carpet basically you put baking soda on your carpet you leave it for minutes and then you vacuum it up some of you have said that that can actually affect the motor of your vacuum it can negatively impact it so what we decided to do and we love when you guys challenge us we fat checked that we gave Dyson a call that’s where our vacuums are from and they let us know that they don’t recommend that so we have made the decisions to stop doing it.

However you should do your own research and see how it would affect the particular vacuum that you have because it might not but for us it’s something we’re going to start to change that said do have an old beater of a vacuum and because it’s such an effective method we’ll still do it because it hasn’t ruined our vacuum yet we’re just not going to use a good one a lot of people will mix up the terms carpet shampooing or deep cleaning with steam cleaning your carpet they are two completely different things so you must be an informed consumer before you bring in your carpet cleaning professional let me give you a quick breakdown of what each one is the first one is effectively shampooing your carpet so imagine shampooing your hair just happening on your carpet you’re gonna use a product to lift the dirt from the surface that will help break away any of the contaminants in your carpet they usually do that with one machine it gets nice and foamy and just like shampoo and then they bring in an extractor which is effectively a machine that goes in and sucks and extracts all the moisture right up from your carpet now well it does work really well getting rid of stains some of the concerns with this method it’s a little bit more harsh it leaves residue behind.

So if your carpets can feel sticky underfoot which can actually attract more dirt over time it can take longer to dry and some of the shampoo has brighteners in it which can over time turn your carpets yellow so that’s shampooing but it is a really good method in terms of getting up heavy duty staining steam cleaning your carpet totally different approach it doesn’t use any product it just uses machines that hit really high temperatures so it’s over degrees Fahrenheit will get you into the killing bacteria zone which is what we love bacterias have odors the steam helps bring the dirt and crap olla to the surface this method dries quicker it can kill bacteria mold and mildew spores something it’s not so good at is removing those stains but it does dry quickly if I haven’t said that already so you really have to weigh your benefits in terms of which one you prefer but those are your options in my professional opinion I believe you need to deep clean your carpets if you have them it is your moral obligation to deep clean your carpets they are gross and you got to take care of them and your family so you have two options when you’re going to do this either you can get it professionally done which I highly recommend professionals are trained they have good quality strong clean equipment that will really get the crap out of your carpets or you can do it yourself.

If you want a DIY you totally can and you can either rent a machine or you can buy your own renting machine well less expensive is not my top pick and here’s why you go to a store you rent that machine it cost you a few bucks you roll it out into your car you take it into your home but here’s the thing you don’t know that machines back story you don’t know where it was yesterday was it cleaning a place with bedbugs cucarachas was it cleaning up someone’s accident or someone’s pet accident you don’t know where that thing’s been and I can assure you there’s no one who works at that store whose job is carpet machine detailer they don’t take care of those things you basically take it as is you don’t know anything that’s happened to it and you don’t know what you’re rolling into your house.

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