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Granite and Marble Cleaning Spray

Granite and Marble Cleaning Spray: Granite and marble are top choices for countertops due to their natural color, cooling properties, and durability. But cleaning them takes a special spray, because some of our standard natural cleaning ingredients have adverse reactions with the natural stone. Marble is too expensive to mess around with, but that doesn’t mean you need to panic or purchase specialty cleaners. First off, good soap and water on a sponge can clean your granite and marble just fine, but for bigger messes, here’s a spray that won’t destroy your expensive granite or marble countertops, cheese boards, trays, pastry boards, or rolling pins.

• 2 cups distilled or boiled and cooled water
• ½ cup rubbing alcohol
• 2 teaspoons castile soap
• 2 teaspoons vanilla extract (or 2 drops vanilla essential oil)

Mix ingredients well in a 16-ounce spray bottle. Shake well before use.

To Use: Spray and wipe immediately with a soft cloth. Some people like to go over their countertops a second time with water to get up any extra residue. It’s nice, but not necessary, since the rubbing alcohol in this recipe will help your counters dry fast and prevent much, if any, residue.

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