Getting rust and hard water deposits off chrome in the Bathroom, hard-water-soap

Getting rust and hard water deposits off chrome in the Bathroom

Getting rust and hard water deposits off chrome in the Bathroom: Chrome is a popular choice for bathroom fixtures, particularly for shower-heads, medicine cabinets, and shower bars. But rust, calcium, and hard water will build up and create a nasty rust that can be hard to release.

Shower Bars and Fixtures:

• Warm water
• Aluminum foil, cut into 3-inch x 3-inch squares
• Gloves (I like to use gloves when cleaning chrome just because I don’t like the feeling of aluminum foil in my hands and don’t like the idea of getting rust into a cut or scrape.)

Simply dip the aluminum foil in water and use it to rub the rust spots away. The chemical reaction between the two metals removes the rust. Don’t worry, the aluminum foil shouldn’t scratch your nice chrome fixtures because it is softer than the chrome finish. For any particularly pitted or rusted areas, crunch the aluminum foil into a ball. The extrarough surfaces of the foil will help smooth out the pitted chrome. Then rinse completely. Use a dry cloth with a slight texture to buff the chrome using pressure and a circular motion to restore shine.


• ¼ cup citrus vinegar
• 4 drops clove essential oil

Mix the two ingredients together in a plastic bag. Place over the shower-head and tie in place with a rubber band or hair band. Let sit for 20–30 minutes (but not longer). Remove the bag and solution. Use a clean toothbrush to scrub the area well and get all of the buildup out.

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