Fresh fun foaming Hand soap, handwash

Fresh fun foaming Hand soap

Fresh fun foaming Hand soap: Foaming soap is one of my favorite things. You get all of the cleaning power while using ⅓ of the soap. Kids love it, too. You don’t need to purchase a plastic foaming container of soap to refill; you can find glass reusable ones at most major stores now. This works for a 16-ounce container of soap; adjust the recipe up or down for different soap containers. I love the fresh, fun scent of sweet orange and mandarin essential oils. This recipe is safe for your whole family, so don’t hesitate to get the kids soaping up! Feel free to add some natural food coloring if you’d like to pump up the fun factor for kids.

• ⅔ cup castile soap
• 25 drops sweet orange essential oil
• 20 drops mandarin essential oil
• Warm distilled or boiled and still slightly warm water to fill your container

In a small bowl, mix the castile soap and essential oils well. This helps them stay distributed in the soap mixture. But don’t add them to your soap container yet. Fill the soap container ½ full with water. Then add the castile soap mix. There should be about 1 inch of space left for the bulky foaming pump to be inserted. If not, simply add more warm water. If you’ve made too much, no worries, just dump a little out or into another container. Then add the foaming pump. Do not shake this. Give this a few upside-down movements, though, to evenly distribute the soap. Let sit for 10 minutes before use.

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