Introduction Super Simple Cleaning, How Often ShouldAre You Really Disinfecting When You Clean, You Clean Common Items

Introduction Super Simple Cleaning

Introduction Super Simple Cleaning: Saying goodbye to a toxic home

I’ve used so many expensive, cleaning products over the years that it’s difficult to keep tabs on them all.

I found many products were not only next to useless and a waste of money but also jampacked full of dangerous, toxic chemicals.

Nowadays, thankfully, we are much more environmentally aware, but the hard-fact remains: many cleaning products still contain harmful chemicals that are bad for the planet and bad for family health!

For this article, therefore, where possible, I’ve omitted tips that employ commercial cleaning products and concentrated on including those that use natural alternatives like baking soda, white-vinegar and lemon juice.

I can promise you, that not only can these ‘greener’ substances work as well as their chemical counterparts, but they are a darn sight cheaper, too!

Before we continue, however, – a quick word about Borax.

This is an old and very effective cleaning agent, but unfortunately, recent research suggests that Sodium Borate (to give it just one of its many names), is FAR FROM environmentally friendly, so tips involving this compound have not been included in this article. Sorry, Borax fans.

Oh, and one other thing, though the cleaning methods contained in this blog should be fine to use in the majority of cases, if in doubt, always consult the manufacturing guidelines or care tags on your items before you attempt any of the tips here! If possible, try cleaning a test patch first before doing the rest of an item.

Finally, the rigors and demands of an ever-increasing pace of life, coupled with the onslaughts of caring for a busy family, has led many of us to search for an ordered cleaning system which we can use in our own homes. To help with this, I have included in this blog my own 30-day cleaning plan, which I hope many of you will be able to utilize to your own benefit. By following this plan you should be able to break down your own cleaning tasks into more manageable chunks and, hopefully, in the long run save on time and effort.

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Why clean once a week when you can keep your home clean throughout the week!