Clutter control made easy, Closet Cleaning Hacks

Closet Cleaning Hacks

Closet Cleaning Hacks: Closets are often the dumping ground for miscellaneous items, which can leave them bursting at the seams. Learn how to purge unwanted belongings, tidy up, and deep clean your closets with these easy tips!

Empty your closet. Take everything out. You need to inventory what’s there and organize from scratch.

Deep clean your closet. If it’s lightly soiled, just give it a once-over with a damp cloth and some cleaning spray. If you haven’t cleaned it in years, you might want to get a bucket of soapy water and really wipe it down. Clean everything—the walls, shelves, moldings, baseboards, and doorframes. Vacuum or sweep the floor, and mop bare floors.

Air it out. The next step is to sort through your belongings, so while you’re doing that, air out your closet to get rid of any stale smells. Spray some DIY room freshener throughout the closet, and let it work its magic.

Sort through your stuff. Put items into four piles: what to keep, what you can do without (the “maybe” pile), what to throw away, and what you can donate. Try to repurpose clothing in the trash pile as cleaning rags. Look at your “maybe” pile again. Try on clothes to be sure they fit, and donate anything you can stand to live without. Remember, you’re trying to lose the clutter here!

Put everything back in the closet. Make everything neat and tidy. Make sure you have enough hangers for all your clothes and jackets. Put off-season clothes and other rarely used items in storage bins with tight lids to keep them dirt- and dust-free.

Make a DIY no-slip hanger with pipe cleaners. Wrap pipe cleaners around clothes hangers where the shoulder of the garment rests on the hanger to keep clothes from slipping.

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