Easy Hack on How to Clean an Oven Fast

Cleaning Your Oven the Eco-Friendly Way

Cleaning Your Oven the Eco-Friendly Way: Most of the specialist oven-cleaning products you get from grocery stores contain powerful chemicals, such as potassium hydroxide, that are not only harmful to the environment but people, too. I have tried many of these “wonder” products over the years, but not only are they very noxious to use, they never seem to work properly. Fortunately, there is one “wonder” product you can use that’s safe, super-cheap, odorless and can even be taken as a nifty indigestion remedy – it’s called baking soda!

Baking soda (or Sodium Bicarbonate to give it its proper name) is, like white-vinegar, one of those miracle cooking products that have many cleaning applications, so let’s find out how this can be used with our oven.

Simply pour a pint of boiling water into a jug with two tablespoons of the soda. Leave it to cool and then decant the solution into an empty spray bottle. Now, spray inside the oven and wipe over the misted walls with a cloth. When the appliance has dried, wipe the insides again with a fresh cloth. Any cooked-on grease stains will lift off right away!

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