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Cleaning Non Stick Cookware

Cleaning Non Stick Cookware?  I have some Catalan nonstick pots and pans I’ve had them for five years they’re getting really bad I know they’re supposed to be used our medium temperature but it’s hard to make sauteed dishes and medium heat can’t help you with cooking oh well it’s not the first time I’ve used them it’s my second set but I want to clean them and leave them like brand new what should I do that would be Teflon cookware it is very different from your average a stainless steel cookware.

First of all you can’t use anything abrasive either when cooking or cleaning so you can’t use Forks that’s why you could use the silicon tools and you also can’t use anything like steel pad or the scratchy side of a sponge I call it the scratchy side of the sponge it’s sort of the tougher side definitely can’t use that because they’ll scratch the finish secondly when you first get your pan you should season it they you have to look up how to season it properly but the reason you want to do that is to develop a coating on the bottom that will protect it from future burns which is what you’re now experiencing the other thing you want to do is make sure that you’re only cooking with oil or butter but not any of those cooking sprays the cooking sprays have tiny little droplets that’s essentially how it comes out sprays into these tiny droplets and those get absorbed into the Teflon coating and then they sort of gum it up and they get all sticky and really hard to clean.

Now when it comes to cleaning your nonstick cookware you’re going to do the exact same thing that we already talked about in this video the pots and pans video that I produced the only thing we’ll want to do differently is let the baking soda sit for longer perhaps even an hour to help you loosen all of the gunk on the bottom of that pot or pan and then you want to use the soft side of your sponge not the tough side of the scrubby side of your sponge because you don’t want to scratch the bottom anyway I hope that helps.

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