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Cleaning Kit Essentials

Cleaning Kit Essentials! Let me show you what you need why you need it and how you can clean pretty much anything in your home for cheaper than you think now everything that we’re about to talk about falls into one of two cleaning categories cleaning tools what you use to scrub brush and scrape and cleaning products or cleaning solutions what you actually use to lift dirt from the surface the cleaning products that you buy from said scary cleaning aisle are things like blue window cleaner or creamy tub cleaner but with for very cheap ingredients I mean very cheap ingredients I will show you how to make your own stuff and cover all the cleaning solutions that you’ll need baking soda not only is this a natural mild abrasive it’s a deodorizer and makes the perfect additive to any cleaning solution to scrub out tough grease soap scum and scuff marks .

I have baking soda all over my house white vinegar white vinegar is a degreaser a streak-free cleaning agent a mild disinfectant and a deodorizer dish soap this is what’s considered a pH neutral cleaner any time warm soapy water is called for this is what you want to use and finally rubbing alcohol now this is a disinfectant which can be used to clean and sanitize surfaces and points of contact which harvard germs and bacteria and is an added bonus rubbing alcohol dries in an instant and that’s it you now have the for simple cleaning products that you need to create a goggle yes I said a gaggle of cleaning solutions how about your own all-purpose cleaner just mix one part dish soap to parts water want to make your own disinfectant just use one part rubbing alcohol to one part water how about a tub tile and toilet cleaner instead of buying that cream cleanser just use one part vinegar one part dish soap and sprinkle baking soda over the soiled area for added abrasion and finally what about your own glass cleaner just use one part white vinegar and one part water so simple so effective.

Let’s get to the cleaning tools that you’re going to need the first thing I’d like to recommend are some double sided sponges look for the type that are non-scratching to avoid scratching your surfaces especially delicate ones I like to have two on hand one for the kitchen which stays in the sink and one for the bathrooms yeah next thing microfiber cloths here’s one I love these for cleaning they dust and polish like nobody’s business I usually have five on hand but you know more never hurts invest in one good optical cloth as well usually get things with electronics or glasses and they’re great for cleaning your electronics we’re also really long-lasting both of these are they can be washed up to times just don’t wash them with any fabric softener the next thing you’ll need is a cleaning toothbrush and guess what these are free so long as we go to the dentist on a somewhat regular basis you just use your old tooth brush for cleaning hard-to-reach areas just like in your mouth you’ll be amazed at how many uses you can find for these just make sure that you sterilize them between each use so you can throw them in the dishwasher or you can soak them in some rubbing alcohol and water.

The next thing I like is paper towel we all know what that looks like I love using paper towel only for cleaning toilets or dirty counters or really bacteria-laden areas that way I can simply crumple it up and throw the paper towel away afterwards toilet bowl brush obviously just get one with a cup holder and you guys know where this goes how about a pair of rubber gloves I know I’m really torn about these I love them sometimes and I hate them sometimes so they’re totally optional and they’re up to you you’ll also want to invest in a mop and bucket and a good quality one let me show you my this is a microfiber twist mop this is mine and you can tell it has been put through the wringer literally I mean the wringer bucket so you want to make sure you get a mop and a good strong wringer bucket the better reader you have the better wrung out your mop will be the less water you leave behind on the floors all is good.

Now my next recommendation is where things get a little bit dicey and guys I’m gonna recommend that you get yourself a vacuum now a lot of folks don’t want to invest in a vacuum because they feel it’s a lot to store it’s too expensive it’s useless or a combination of any of those three but the truth is if you don’t like dust in your house you need to get a vacuum if you have pets at home if you notice that there’s always dust floating around or that even a day or two after you’ve done your dusting it’s resettling that’s because there’s a lot of dust floating around in the air and obviously you can’t see it the only way to get rid of that dust is to vacuum sweeping only kicks it up and lets it resettle later so guys I’m going to tell you get a vacuum ask for one is a grad gift or start to save for it you can even look online and see if you can buy a used one and if you’re in a smaller space you’d be very well off getting yourself one of these little handhelds or a stick vacuum as opposed to a big full-size vacuum save that one for later.

I’ll also recommend that you pick up one of these a cleaning caddy to store all of your cleaning items and carry them along with you it makes things so much easier when you’re going from room to room you’ll need to get yourself some spray bottles remember those for cleaning recipes I was telling you about earlier well if you can find yourself four little spray bottles either from the dollar store or even old cleaning products or hair products that you had around that you don’t need anymore you’re all good you’re going to have all the cleaning products that you’re going to need in your home so if you’re going to reuse old spray bottles all you need to do is make sure that you rinse them out really well and that label them clearly because they’re not going to contain what they used to contain yes not including my vacuum and including the mop and bucket I spent about bucks for all of this cleaning stuff that you see around me and moving forward these cleaning products can be replaced for only pennies per bottle how’s that for saving money moving into a new space is really exciting caring for new space doesn’t have to be daunting.

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