Cleaning Electronics all Natural

Cleaning Electronics all Natural

Cleaning Electronics all Natural:

Never spray cleaning sprays directly on electronics. Moisture and electrical devices are a bad combination. To prevent damage, never spray an electronic device with any liquid, including cleaning sprays. When using a spray cleaner, spray the cleaning cloth, then use it to wipe the device.

Dust electronics with coffee filters. Static cling can make dusting electronics difficult even with microfiber cloths. Wipe dust and pet hair away with a dry coffee filter, then follow up with a damp microfiber cloth, if desired, to keep dirt and dust away longer.

Clean and sanitize your remote with vodka. To kill germs on your remote, spray a cloth with vodka or hydrogen peroxide, and wipe clean. Clean between the buttons with a cotton swab.

Use a damp microfiber cloth to clean screens. Television, computer, and LCD screens are all very delicate, so it’s best to keep things simple when cleaning. If your screen is just dusty, use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe it clean. To clean streaks and spots, wet the microfiber cloth with warm water, and wring out as much water as you can. Wipe gently, being careful not to put any pressure on the screen, then buff with a polishing cloth for a streak-free shine.

Remove oils from your keyboard with vodka. Turn off your keyboard if it’s wireless, or unplug it if it’s wired. Remove dust and food crumbs from between the keys by lightly shaking the keyboard over a trash can, then wipe the entire keyboard with a microfiber cloth sprayed lightly with vodka or white vinegar to remove oils, fingerprints, and light sticky food messes.

Brush dirt away from your keyboard with a toothbrush. Use a slightly dampened toothbrush to clean down deep, where cleaning cloths can’t reach.

Clean really grimy keyboard messes with a cotton swab. To remove caked-on or very old dirt from your keyboard, dip a cotton swab in vodka or white vinegar. Use the cotton swab to scrub away tough dirt, then wipe clean with a microfiber cloth or paper towel.

Suck up dust and crumbs with your vacuum cleaner. If your keyboard is really messy, clean it with your vacuum’s crevice tool or with a handheld vacuum.

Remove dirt and debris from the tiniest cracks using toothpicks. With their tiny, pointed ends, toothpicks can clean in very hard-to-reach areas! Remove lint, dirt, and debris from USB ports in smartphones and computers, cracks and crevices in cameras, and more, by scraping gently with a toothpick, then wiping clean.

Use cotton swabs to clean and disinfect earbuds. Put a tiny bit of vodka on a cotton swab, and use it to gently wipe away dirt and germs from your earbuds.

Clean touchscreens with water. Manufacturers recommend cleaning touchscreens with water only. These devices, which include smartphones and touchscreen computers, have a coating on them that reduces fingerprints and smudges. Using white vinegar, vodka, or other ingredients commonly used in natural cleaning can harm or even remove this protective coating. To clean these devices, wet a microfiber cloth with warm water, and wring out as much water as you can to make a slightly damp cleaning cloth. Wipe the device to remove dust, fingerprints, and oils, then buff dry with a polishing cloth.

Dust speakers with a lint roller. Run a lint roller over computer and stereo speakers to clean dust and hair away easily.

Clean a dirty fitness tracker band with vodka. Wipe your fitness tracker band with a cloth dipped in vodka to remove sweat and germs without leaving residue that may irritate skin.

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