Cleaner for Electric and Gas Stoves

Cleaner for Electric and Gas Stoves: Stoves are workhorses, and workhorses tend to get dirty. Grease splattering, pasta or potato water overflowing, tomato sauce simmering too vigorously … the offenders are numerous. But one easy paste is your best friend when it comes to cleaning the mess.

First, remove the burners and burner plates from the stove. If your stove has knobs, remove them, too, so you can clean behind them. Then you can get into every nook and cranny and clean with confidence.

• ¼ cup baking soda
• ¼ cup fine salt
• ½ cup water

Mix into a paste in a small bowl.

To Use: Use a soft rag to take a bit of the paste and rub gently, in circles, over the burners themselves and the burner plates. Let the paste sit for 30 minutes, misting lightly with water if the paste is drying out too much. While those set, add a bit more water to the paste if it is hardening up, and use the rag to buff the surface of the stove itself. Then use a fresh rag to wipe the solution off. Do let us know if you have more tips on Cleaner for Electric and Gas Stoves.

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