Clean Your Yoga Mat

Clean Your Yoga Mat

Do you ever wonder just how dirty your yoga mat gets, I just left my yoga class this morning full of sweat toting my dirty yoga mat and I got inspired to do a video for cleaning your yoga mat properly when you clean your mat you want to make sure you’re not using any soap reason being soap is slippery so if you spray your mat down with soap you’re not going to be able to wipe everything off.

I’ll show you how to make a yoga mat cleaner with items that you already have it helped and you can use it as much as you want because it’s safe for the mat and of course it’s environmentally friendly we’ll start off with a spray bottle I filled it about / the way with water next I’ll pour in some distilled white vinegar so the solution I’m using is about three parts water to one part vinegar and finally we’ll finish off with my favorite essential oil which is tea tree if you don’t like the smell of tea tree oil you’ve supplemented with something else like mint or lavender or any other essential oil that you really love and don’t worry your mat won’t smell too much.

This is a very gentle wash I’ll put drops of tea tree oil into my mixture give it a quick shake and you now have your yoga mat cleaner I just want to point out the reason we’re using these ingredients are threefold first of all vinegar is great for breaking down dirt and soil which is exactly what you want to accomplish when you leave your yoga practice secondly vinegar is gentle enough that it won’t break down the rubber or biodegrade it which is sometimes a concern with other yoga mat cleaners finally the reason we’re using an essential oil like tea tree is because has antibacterial properties and hey who doesn’t want their Matt to be bacteria free after sweating it up for an hour in class when you get back from yoga class unroll your mat and spray it down liberally with the solution give it a minute to set in and then just wipe off the liquid and that’s it your mat will dry quickly and then it’ll be nice and clean for you to use again.

Now once in a while your mat deserves a bit more of a thorough clean so what you can do is unroll it in a bathtub spray it down with the same solution that we made and get it a sponge or a cloth and give it a really good scrub in the tub then plug the tub fill it about a fifth wave full with warm water and just let any of that dirt and debris melt out of the mat drain the water gag because it will look disgusting and then gently wring out your mat so that any of the excess water comes out and hang it to dry for hours your mat and your practice well thank you very much you’ll have a nice and clean mat and that will for sure prolong its life if you follow these cleaning tips your mat will last you for a long long time.

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