Clean Your Gym and Workout Clothes

Clean Your Gym and Workout Clothes

Clean Your Gym and Workout Clothes: Sweat is this stuff your body produces when your workout is heating up and your body needs to cool down however sweat also happens to be the stuff that makes your workout clothes smell like a hot salty mess so today I’m gonna show you how to get the funk out of your fitness gear. When your workout is over don’t toss your wet workout clothes in the hamper or in the laundry pile and let them just sit there and marinate it into laundry day that will just make the sink worse it’ll also make all of these surrounding clothes in the hamper smell like a quarterback’s a lucky jockstrap if you know what I’m saying tossing wet smelly clothes into a pile can also lead to mold growth which smells even worse and is way more difficult to get rid of if you can’t wash your workout clothes right away hang them in your bathroom or your bedroom or ideally outdoors if that’s possible just let the air start to make its way through the fabrics and dry everything out it’s a good idea to hang them inside out since that’s where most of the moisture is anyway then the clothes should be pretty dry within a couple of hours and safe to toss into the hamper you can pile them up as much as you like as long as they’re dry they’re not going to hang on to that smell.

Even after laundering your workout clothes they still stink so here is a solution for you before we wash the clothes we’re going to pre-soak them with white vinegar and this is the stuff that’s gonna do all of the heavy lifting for you pour one part vinegar for every parts water in a suitable size Bowl or clean sink and let the vinegar do its thing for about minutes prior to washing this step will really help with heavy duty odor so throw all your gear in there let it soak and then launder you want to launder your workout clothes in the hottest water that the fabrics will allow now this is a little bit contradictory to what your care label will say which is why I of course always advise you to read those care labels because they often tell you especially for this high technology workout gear that you can only use cold water now the heart of the water the better the water will be at killing bacteria but in order to not damage the fabrics in your clothing you’ve probably got to stick to cooler water you’re going to wash the clothes on a regular cycle and ideally use cold water detergent nothing fancy and some newer washing machines will have a heavy duty cycle so you can take all your big pile of workout gear stick it into the wash and put it on that heavy duty cycle if possible.

Now if you’re lazy and you skip that vinegar pre soaked now’s your opportunity to make good with the vinegar and you can add some in during the rinse cycle I find vinegar pre soap is more effective but vinegar in the rinse cycle will also do the trick now a caveat here do not use fabric softeners for the job it’ll leave a residue you also don’t want to use any bleach with any of your workout gear if you don’t like vinegar you can use some baking soda or borax or even oxygen bleach, most workout clothes can be simply thrown into the dryer if your dryer person but but but only on a setting which is low heat or no T again you have to consult the care label for drying instructions but if you’re adamant about drying that’s how you have to do it now the way I do it and of course the way you might do it if you don’t have a dryer or if your clothes don’t permit is to simply hand dry them either on a rack or a line and if you can do it do it outside because the Sun is amazing and inhibiting bacterial growth and aiding in the drying process.

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