How to Get Your Shoes Cleaner Whiter and Brighter, Clean Your Canvas Shoes

Clean Your Canvas Shoes

I always get out shoe questions and because it’s that time of year I thought it would get my canvas kicks on these are my tongs and answer some of your questions I clean them a lot last year but toward the end of the summer kind of let that fall by the wayside so you know the seasons back they need a cleaning and it’s pretty easy to do all we’re going to use is your washing machine and some stuff you already have lying around the house. 

We highly recommend hand washing Canvas Shoes in cold water with a gentle detergent and let them air dry we do not recommend putting Canvas Shoes in the dryer under any circumstances while hand washing would do the job I’d like to show you how to save some time but you have to be careful while you’re doing this people if you throw caution to the wind you could disfigure the shoe and also ruin the adhesion that will make you sad now I agree with the part about not putting them in the dryer but they never said anything about putting them in the washing machine now this tip will work for any kind of canvas shoe whether it’s Tom’s kids or anything else that you have and whether it’s just this canvas or whether it’s corduroy or something sparkly this is still going to work here’s what you’ll need a washing machine, dirty canvas shoes, a small brush a toothbrush works perfectly baking soda gentle detergents a cleaning rag and a bowl of water to start take your cleaning toothbrush and gently brush any of the dirt and debris off the shoe this will help remove any of that surface dirt that might get stuck in the shoe and make for a more difficult wash spending a couple of minutes doing this will really help.

If you do have any major stains on your shoes you can pick up a laundry stain remover and all I would recommend is just testing it on a small area before you actually treat the stain like perhaps an area over here if it’s ok and it doesn’t bleach by all means pretreat your stain and then continue now I had to dump out some of this water because we are making a paste of / baking soda and water to clean the soles of our shoes now this isn’t going to get rid of all of the stuff on the bottom of your shoes but it’s going to give you a great head start check it out and now it’s time for your washing machine to do the rest using cold water we’re going to run a gentle cycle let the tub fill to a quarter full and then add a bit of gentle detergent and pour it into the wash once the tub is filled three-quarters full we’re going to place our shoes in the washing machine for the duration of the cycle after the cycle is done your shoes should be looking much more presentable we’re then going to leave the shoes outside to dry to air dry that’s right air dry not over the vents not in the dryer put them on your back porch and let the Sun do its thing if you don’t heed this warning you’ll have shrunken shriveled shoes if you do heed this warning your shoes will look marvelous now that your shoes look great keep them smelling great by using a shoe powder they absorb odor and moisture.

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