Clean a Backpack and Lunch Bag

Clean a Backpack and Lunch Bag

Clean a Backpack and Lunch Bag: All school bags are not created equal usually they’re made with similar materials but you still need to check the fabric care label to determine the proper way to clean the bag the first thing you’ll do is pretreat any of your stains ahead of time with your stain remover choice this is my homemade one and just make sure you’re not using any bleach because you don’t want to ruin your beautiful backpack now most of these bags should be machine washable in which case you just take your school bag you put it into your washing machine use cold water and place it on a gentle cycle of course using gentle detergent if there are any jewels or decals or other funky things on the bag they may actually come out in the wash so you might want to consider hand washing if that’s the case if there are a bunch of straps like these things hanging off of the bag you can either remove them and wash those by hand or you can put the whole bag to go a laundry bag or a pillowcase just something like this to keep those straps at bay if you can’t machine wash your schoolbag just use warm water and dish liquid or a laundry detergent along with a good heavy-duty scrub brush and that will help get this very tough material clean it can also help get those stains out now you can do this in a basin sink or a bathtub because the kitchen sink probably won’t be big enough for your schoolbag now for stains.

These guys now usually lunch bags have this phony panel or insert between the exterior and the interior and of course this is just a gentle plastic lining so it’s fairly straightforward to clean it’s essentially the same idea as the backpack you’re gonna check that pair tag this one has several and just figure out the right way to wash it most good-quality bags can we throw it in the washing machine but if you need to hand wash it you can use that same mixture we were talking about earlier dish liquid a little bit of warm water and this time we’re going to use a soft sponge to wipe it clean instead of a heavy-duty scrub brush now if you’ve got a stain in the plastic lining you know if you’ve spilled something like tomato sauce what you can do is create a paste using simple baking soda and water use your handy cleaning toothbrush and just scrub get away then all you can do is wash it out with soapy water and then rinse it and hang it to dry now if you have one of those hard shell lunchboxes you can wash it and deodorize it the same way you just use some warm soapy water to scrub it clean rinse it well and leave it to dry for deodorizing both of these lunch boxes lunch bags just put some baking soda in leave it overnight dump it out and your lunch bag or lunch box will be deodorized and finally this was another hot request you need to know how to do two eyes the first thing you can do is flip the bag inside out and just let it sit in the Sun for a few days maybe do this over the weekend the Sun has amazing deodorizing properties the next thing you can do is place a fabric softener sheet in the bottom of the bag which will not deodorize the bag but it will cover any unsavory odor I personally find this to be too strong of an odor but a lot of people like it so I figured I would mention it now if you want a more natural method of the fabric softener sheet what you can do is fill a bowl about half way with water then add drops of your favorite essential oil take a plain cotton cloth soak it in the bowl for let’s say minutes or so bring it out and hang it to dry once it’s dry it will smell like the essential oils and you can place that at the bottom of the back.

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