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Care Tips for Your Kitchen Finishes

Care Tips for Your Kitchen Finishes: Here’s how to take care of your kitchen surfaces and hints this handy blue bottle is all you need for most of it when we purchased our covers we were sure to ask about the best way to clean them and the answer we got was as predictable as they come to tackle greasy fingerprints and other food stains use nothing more than a little warm soapy water add a squirt of dawn to your soft sponge or cloth get it nice and foamy with warm running water and remember to squeeze out the extra soap you’d be amazed at what just one drop can do using an S pattern wipe your cupboard and then dry everything off with a cloth or paper towel I love the glass accents in my kitchen but I am well aware of how challenging cleaning glass is but with the help of vinegar and a good microfiber glass cleaning cloth I don’t much worry about things like that I just use a mixture of one part vinegar to one part water and this flat weave microfiber cloth which is an important part of the job because the flat weave helps eliminate streaking for a cleaner brighter finish if you have a greasy backsplash it clearly means you’re a great cook but it also means you’ve got quite a job ahead of you so to remove grease from a tile backsplash like the one that I’m about to get you can use a drop of dawn in a spray bottle filled with water for ceramic or porcelain tiles or for stone or painted back splashes like the one I currently have you can use a sponge with a drop of dawn and warm water when the counter guy came by to install the counters I actually had to sign a piece of paper saying that I understood the cleaning procedures for the quartz counter he had just installed I was like dude I got this he told me all I can use was you guessed it mild dish soap and water for smoothy globs grease and just about anything else that will grace my countertop I’m gonna use a squirt of dawn directly onto my handy kitchen sponge run it under warm water then simply scrub the area until it’s clean and grease free and then towel drive to learn more about some other great cleaning hacks around the house.

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