Benefits of Commercial Cleaning

Benefits of Commercial Cleaning

Benefits of Commercial Cleaning: Offering good benefits to your employees makes good business sense, because nurturing healthy, satisfied employees ultimately helps your business. One important benefit that is easy to overlook is a clean, efficient work environment. That’s where Hello Cleaner Cleaning Services steps in.

A clean and sanitized work space contributes to greater employee productivity through health and safety benefits. Absenteeism costs employers. Promoting safe and healthy work practices boosts profitability and productivity among employers of all sizes.

How does Hello Cleaner Cleaning Services contribute? As an professional cleaning company, we have served large and small companies for more than 10 years. Our cleaning teams are professionally trained in proven and monitored techniques, as well as in the safe use of cleaning products.

Here are a few ways our professional cleaning services help keep your team healthy and on the job:

Reducing germs 

Work spaces are significant grounds for breeding bacteria as people touch door handles, phones, light switches, keyboards, faucets and more. Mold and mildew grow in damp areas of bathrooms or break rooms. Regular cleaning with safety-tested products helps prevent these bacteria from spreading.

Preventing the spread of illness

Viruses such as influenza can spread rapidly among employees sharing office space. Sanitizing high-touch surfaces is the first step, and maintaining clean air filtration also can reduce infection rates by circulating clean air. Not only will respiratory infections likely decline, but also unpleasant odors will be minimized.

Reducing allergens  

Office Pride uses cleaning products that are safe and less likely to cause allergic reactions in people prone to respiratory problems, allergies and asthma. Proper floor care, particularly in carpeted areas, helps control dust and other allergens. We also offer many economical and ecofriendly certified products.

Using a color-coded system 

Hello Cleaner uses a color-coded cleaning system to sanitize restrooms and other areas such as break rooms and lobbies, waiting rooms and exam rooms, play areas and locker rooms, desktops and office spaces. This helps disinfect your facility while preventing cross-contamination.

In addition to health benefits, here’s the dirty truth: No one wants to work in a dirty office or use a dirty restroom. Cleanliness is one indicator of how much the company values its employees. Multiple studies confirm that employees who feel valued are happier, and thus, more productive.

Cluttered offices, unclean break rooms and untidy public areas are distracting and increase dissatisfaction among employees. Overall, a clean work environment can increase employee satisfaction and a stronger culture to further boost morale and productivity.

Ensuring your facility meets high standards of cleanliness is a job for professionals. Hello Cleaner Cleaning Services consistently exceeds customer expectations, which allows us to maintain a high client retention rate. Hello Cleaner is licensed and bonded, and our staff works flexible hours to accommodate your company’s work hours and needs.

Consider the benefits of hiring a proven and trusted commercial cleaning service for your business. We can deliver a cleaner work environment for banks, schools, hotels, medical offices and other office spaces.


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