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Bathroom Cleaning Secrets You Should Know

Bathroom Cleaning Secrets You Should Know

After years in the cleaning game I’m still perfectly fine to tell you that I don’t like cleaning the bathroom, it just has not grown on me. But I have found some ways to master doing the job, some secrets! so in this article I’m going to share some of those bathroom cleaning secrets with you, those little time savers that make a big difference in a small space.

Whenever I watch people brush their teeth in movies or on tv I’m like no you’re not doing it properly, your dentist would scream at you because when you’re brushing your teeth it’s supposed to be foamy and if you’re looking straight at the mirror at your gorgeous morning face you’re getting toothpaste all over it. So the tip here is to look down into the sink while you’re brushing your teeth that way all the splatters go there instead. You are going to push the bowl water down the chute to expose more of the bowl for a more thorough clean, the way that you do this you’re kind of like shoving all that water down the chute like a sword fighting you’ll see that the bowl is now exposed you can spray or treat that area with whatever product you’re using and then scrub it and flush it, it’ll fill back up to its regular level but you will get a much more effective and efficient toilet bowl clean.

That way I’ve been talking about this for years but I do realize there are about eight billion people on this planet that I have to convince when you use a product on a surface that’s dirty spray that surface first and let the product sit for five seven ten minutes or so before you go back to clean it that’s called pre-treating or marinating in barbecue terms, and what it does is it allows the product to do the work it’s designed to do it actually saves you from having to work as hard. So let the product do the thing by pre-treating your surface first

The bathroom at least in my house is no fun place to be after I’ve styled my hair and that’s why when you go to clean the floors in your bathroom always vacuum or sweep first or wipe it out by hand before you go and mop otherwise you’ll just be pushing a wet mop with a big old disgusting pile of hair underneath it. You never get good results by just mopping the bathroom floor you’ve always gotta dry treat it or clean it first and then mop it second.

There is no harder and more willing worker than a child looking to earn some extra allowance I know this because I was essentially employed by my parents to clean the house every weekend for a tidy sum of money at least to my or year old brain and you know what that money was an excellent motivator so if the bathroom is a real sore spot for you put some money on the table for your kids if you’re a family and they’ve got their own bathroom where you all share one, this is a great way to teach them how to clean and let them earn some money.

While they’re at it you shouldn’t have to suffer in your shower looking at dirty grout lines there’s a quick and easy way to fix it, you make a paste two parts baking soda one part hydrogen peroxide apply that to your discolored grout and then scrub it off with a cleaning toothbrush about or minutes later and rinse it clean, between the baking soda and the hydrogen peroxide it whitens and brightens your grout lines so it will look much better with just a little bit of effort.

If you’ve ever been one to complain about mold or mildew in your shower or that pink stuff growing on your shower curtains or in your toilet bowl it is a sure fire sign that there is too much moisture in your bathroom and this is a great time for me to remind you that your bathroom fan has to go on before you shower during your shower and for at least minutes after your shower, if not you want your bathroom to feel bone dry if it feels like you’ve just gotten to a tropical destination an hour after you’ve showered in your bathroom there’s far too much moisture in there so turn that fan on. If you don’t have a fan open that window and let the bathroom air out entirely the humidity in here should feel like the humidity in the rest of your house, otherwise you’re gonna see all of that mold and mildew start to bubble up.

Trays aren’t just cute things from design blogs they’re actually really useful in a space like the bathroom, because they allow you to corral all of your products into one little area before I used a tray my stuff was just all over the place all over the time I struggle with organization and I have one or two bathroom products so we use a tray in our master bathroom and our stuff our little bottles and creams and pins and they all go on the trays.

When you’re about to embark on a dirty or messy job in the bathroom doing your hair putting on makeup shaving anything else that you get up to in there consider putting a towel down on the counter and on and or on the floor depending on the type of job that you’re doing because just that simple act of putting a towel down first whether it’s a waffle weave on your counter or a full-blown full-size towel on the floor all you have to do at the end of that task is bundle up the towels and put them in the wash instead of having a mess that you will then have to clean up after it’s a huge time saver.

I’ve spent a long time talking about using a squeegee after you shower it’s so important to do that because it removes not only moisture but any body oils dead skin cells and any product that has come off your body and clung to the wall that’s just gonna make a cleaning task a lot harder for you down the line but I haven’t talked about the importance of doing that in your tub so if you’re someone who likes to have a bath and when I have a bath I use one or two different facial treatments and you know like doing whatever I do in there by the time I get out there’s like there’s some oily residue left behind and if I just drain the bath and walk away it looks disgusting. So if you’re someone who likes to take a bath often and you’ve had this experience you know that if you let it build up over time it just gets this gross gray ring. The easiest and quickest way to deal with that is to give your tub a wipe after you’ve used it now I know this sounds like an extra step but I just bring a microfiber cloth into the bathroom with me while I’m setting up all my stuff for the bath and while it is draining I’m standing there and I just quickly give that nasty little ring a wipe down and my tub always looks clean, it takes so little time and saves me from a really big cleaning job later.


Why clean once a week when you can keep your home clean throughout the week!