Baking Soda Hacks

Baking Soda Hacks

Baking Soda Hacks: Baking soda serves three main purposes in cleaning the first is it’s an abrasive the second is it’s a deodorizer and finally it’s a brightener so you can see how it already has so many different applications, going back to the first application let’s talk about how baking soda can make your sink Sparkle like a diamond. If you ever go into someone’s house and you see that they have an absolutely perfect sink and you wonder what their secret is! let me just blow it for you the secret is baking soda because it has the ability to provide a mild abrasion which means it can scrape dirt off a surface, even dirt that’s very fine and hard to see. It leaves nothing behind on that stainless steel so that when you rinse it clean all you have is a beautiful clean shine and polish.

So here’s what you have to do sprinkle a little bit of baking soda into your dirty sink then you can take a dish wand or a cloth or a sponge get it wet put a little bit of soap and give it a nice scrub. I like to work from the top to the bottom almost in like a circular motion so I’m not missing anything, I get right down into the drain give it a couple of scrubs there then I turn on some warm water give everything a rinse polish it up and I promise your sink will blow your mind using baking soda around the house you can pick up a box it costs about two dollars and this is perfectly fine, but if you’re using baking soda on your body I would strongly encourage you to find the aluminum free version of baking soda, you can find this at your local health food store or in the organic section at your grocery store. Now this bag was about bucks it’s about grams you might be thinking that’s a lot for a little but this bag will last for such a long time and here’s the way I do it I have this jar this is an upcycled spice jar I just keep this on my bathroom counter I fill it up with baking soda and then when it runs out I refill it now in this case I want to talk about using baking soda as an underarm deodorant you might be incredulous you might think that’s gross but I’m gonna challenge you if you don’t believe me go out and try this yourself for a week you will be so impressed with how well this deals with odors I mean I’ve told people to do this and I know because I’ve used it myself for years not only do I save a ton of money but it is so efficient that people who I’ve told about and I noticed for myself say that it lasts for up to hours so what you do is you portion out a little bit like maybe about that much what’s out / teaspoon let’s say it’s a quarter teaspoon then I even it out in my hands and I do this as soon as I’m out of the shower and you just lift up your arm kind of pat it under you’ll see a little bit of fallout but hey a little bit of baking soda never hurt anybody, and then you just let it kind of fall off and go about your day it takes seconds to apply it doesn’t turn the underarms of your shirt yellow and the most impressive thing is how it fights over now. If you’re curious about perspiration it doesn’t actually prevent sweating but as we all know our body actually needs to do that we just don’t want it to smell like anything.

We’ve talked about abrasion we talked about deodorizing now let’s talk about brightening baking soda is fantastic as a laundry brightener so what does this mean it helps bring out the bright colors in your clothing so whenever you’re doing a load of whites or colors you can throw cup of baking soda directly in the drum if you have a front load or top load and what that will do is it’ll just help bring out the colors in your laundry now the other thing that it does as a side benefit is it helps deodorize so if you have a particularly smelly load of laundry you can throw the same amount in and you’ll see your stuff will come out and it will smell nice and fresh it won’t smell like anything perhaps aside from the detergent but what the baking soda does is it helps to neutralize those odors, this has to be one of my favorites it’s an all-purpose scrub that I love using in the bathroom you can also use it in the kitchen or anywhere where there’s a particular amount of build-up greasiness grime enos soap scum this works like a charm this essentially replaces what you would call a cream or a powdered cleanser so here we go you’re gonna take a container and you’re gonna make up the amount of product that you need on demand so you’re not making a bulk amount of it ahead of time you’re only mixing up how much you need so what you’ll do is you’re gonna mix equal parts dish soap and baking soda into a bowl, you can add a little bit of water to it a few drops here and there and keep stirring it until you get it to a pudding-like consistency and for added fun and value you can throw in about  drops of your favorite essential oil now when it comes to cleaning the bathroom I always like to pack in an extra mold and mildew resistant antibacterial punch which means I’m putting in drops of tea tree essential oil but if you would prefer to use another one lavender is a great option as is peppermint or eucalyptus have fun with it be creative.

The point is it’s an incredibly effective scrub it’s easy to make and it’s very inexpensive and once you have this made up you’ll take your dampened sponge you’ll apply it to whatever surface you need cleaned using the S pattern you want your sponge to be really wet then you’re just going to let that sit for a few minutes as we know pre-treating does all the work for you and when you’re ready you’ll go back flip your sponge over the scrubby side scrub it on down with the S pattern give it a nice rinse polish it dry you’ve cleaned like a pro for pennies you might notice that when you pick up produce it has a lot of coating or wax on it that of course is pesticides and other things that are on there to preserve and protect the produce but for produce where we are consuming the skin it is especially important to make sure that we are cleaning that off not only to get rid of the pesticides and coatings but also of course we want to just make sure we’re getting rid of any dirt or other unmentionables that might be existing on the surface of our produce before we eat it so really easy and simple and inexpensive way to do this is to take your produce. Now of course you can do this a couple different ways so I’ll walk you through it but a really simple way is just to take your produce sprinkle a little bit of baking soda on it splash it with a bit of water and kind of give your produce like a little massage but kind of just rubbing it around in my palms and then giving it a rinse it’s one extra step that you have to do you kind of create like a little paste with the baking soda but when you rinse it off you’ll hear like kind of a squeak when you rub your finger against the skin cuz it’s just so clean and it’s free of all that stuff.

If you want if you have a lot of things or if you’re doing something like grapes or berries you can do this instead you can take let’s say a tablespoon of baking soda add it to a bowl filled with water mix it around and throw your produce in there and then kind of give it a swirl either with your hand or a spoon and just run it through your fingers let it sit for a little while and then strain it out and give it a rinse and you’ll see the same thing happens your produce comes out much cleaner if when you open your dishwasher you notice that it hits you with a bit of an odor there are a few things that you need to think about first of all does your filter need to be cleaned but second of all I would also encourage you just to leave your dishwasher door my dishwashers right here in case you can’t see you probably can’t slightly ajar did you hear that it made some boiling but if you leave the door slightly open it’ll help to let those odors circulate but let’s say you haven’t done either of those you open your dishwasher and it just kind of reeks well here’s what you can do take a cup of baking soda and just toss it at the bottom of the dishwasher nothing fancy your dishwasher should be empty though and just let that sit you know for up to hours if you can manage it given the flow of dishes in your home then when hours have hit just run through the hottest possible cycle you can on your dishwasher and you’ll see that by the time that load is done your dishwasher will smell significantly fresher.

I think I read about this tip probably close to years ago in like or Cosmo like one of those girlie magazines I read about this tip I’m like let’s just even see if this works and it did so I’ve been doing it ever since and it is to clean your hair with baking soda now what does that mean if you think about what goes on in the average person’s head of hair they’re putting products on there it’s you know your scalp is collecting dead skin cells and oil and dirt and even though you shampoo it and take generally good care of your hair there tends to be some build up over time it’s the same reason why people like going for facials so think about doing this it’s kind of like a facial for your scalp and to an extent your hair so here’s what I do I take about a teaspoon or a tablespoon depending on how much hair you have so I probably go more toward the tablespoon because I have a lot of hair but you can use about a spoonful of baking soda so I portioned some out in a tissue I leave it by my shower because I’m not going to take this whole thing into the shower with me and then I put shampoo into my hands I just drop the contents of the tissue on top of that and I kind of stir it around with my finger and I shampoo my scalp really well. You don’t need to do this on the rest of your hair it’s just really something that’s nice for your scalp and you kind of just go for it for a while give yourself a nice extra-long lather when you rinse it out and you come out of the shower in each condition or else you do but when you’ve come out in your hair dries your scalp it will feel so much cleaner so much less dirty greasy heavy like you know you just get that build-up feeling after a while it just feels so good so if there’s someone who uses a lot of product or you feel like you work in an environment where your hair and your scalp gets quite a bit dirty or greasy than average. I think you will love this now the one caveat is if you color your hair you just want to check with your colorist and make sure that the baking soda will not affect your dye job. We’ve learned a lot today about baking soda we’ve learned that it is an abrasive a deodorizer and a brightener there are so many incredible uses for it both around your house and on your body.

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