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Are You Really Disinfecting When You Clean

Imagine if all out cleaning you’re doing at home to protect your family with that cleaning product that says it’ll clean all germs isn’t actually doing what it says it should.  Lot of people have this fantasy that disinfectants work on contact and the truth is they don’t while they are effective they have to be used properly so that your home can actually reap the benefits of what they say that they offer now I will say for the record I am NOT a germaphobe I do not have OCD and I do not live in the world’s cleanest home however I happen to be a semi that’s right and that means I spend my nine-to-five learning about this stuff because there’s quite a bit of convenient marketing terminology used when said products are being sold the actual proper methods are often glossed over in lieu of making an easy peazy sale but as a public service I’m going to lay it down for you nice and thick and teach you a straight dope on disinfecting.

The first thing you need to know is that a cleaner doesn’t disinfect and a disinfectant doesn’t clean so if you whip out your all-purpose cleaner to clean away those nasty bathroom germs your efforts are superfluous and if you whip out that disinfectant to clean up your spilled orange juice on the kitchen counter your efforts are again weak and wasted so if you want to clean and disinfect your surface you have to actually start by cleaning it like using an all-purpose cleaner and actually removing the dirt and then you apply a disinfectant afterwards let it sit for a while and that will take care of the bacteria and that’s why this proper method of cleaning is referred to as the -step cleaning method clean disinfect with the advent of better faster and stronger cleaning products some companies have figured out how to merge cleaning and disinfecting into one product you can call that the one-step cleaning method even still using this product alone won’t render your surface clean and disinfected and here’s why basically any disinfectant that you’re going to use at home needs to sit on a surface what for five to ten minutes before it will actually kill that bacteria it should stayed on the label exactly how long your product needs to sit wet on a surface before you can actually wipe it away so the lesson of the day is twofold the first thing disinfectants do work but they need to sit on a surface for a certain period of time before they can actually kill that bacteria and then be wiped away and second cleaners and disinfectants are mutually exclusive unless the product specifically states on the bottle that if both cleans and disinfects.

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