Things You Should Know about Mold Mildew, Anti Meldew Spray, mildew

Anti Mildew Spray

Anti Meldew Spray: This spray works for plastic shower curtains liners only. If you have a washable cotton liner with a water-resistant weave, be sure to wash it frequently to prevent mold and mildew spores from building up in the fabric. The soak above is perfect for those cloth liners, too. But if you still prefer to use plastic, this spray cuts down drastically on the number of times you’ll need to actually take the curtain down and give it a soak and scrub.

• 8 ounces hydrogen peroxide
• 15 drops tea tree oil

Fill a glass spray bottle with hydrogen peroxide and add 15 drops tea tree oil. Shake well before using.

To Use: Spray shower curtain liberally and frequently, whether dry or wet.

Extra Tip: Keep the shower curtain pulled fully taut/closed when not in use. This helps prevent water from getting trapped in the folds of the curtain, a breeding ground for mold and mildew.

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