Allergy-Proof Your Office For the sake of Your Employees

Allergy-Proof Your Office For the sake of Your Employees

Allergy-Proof Your Office For the sake of Your Employees: An estimated 30 percent of the population suffer from indoor allergies, predominantly caused by dust mites. More than being annoying, allergy and asthma complaints often affect employee productivity and attendance. Routine, thorough cleaning is the only way to reduce allergy triggers in offices and other work spaces.

How to Eliminate Allergens

As we prepare to observe National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month in May, Hello Cleaner Cleaning Services offers these tips to alleviate dust and allergen problems:

  • Vacuum and mop floors on a regular basis. All flooring types accumulate dust and dirt, and carpets are known havens for dust mites. Complete floor care requires occasional stripping and waxing of hard floors and professional carpet cleaning. Bonus: Clean floors are strongly linked to customer satisfaction.
  • Wipe all surfaces, as well as heat/air vents and window blinds, with damp cloths to thoroughly remove dust that collects and circulates through ventilation systems. Remember to wipe the front surfaces of cabinets, bookshelves, appliances and office furniture.
  • Use environmentally friendly cleaning products that are allergen-protective. Hello Cleaner uses Eco Friendly cleaning products to safely improve indoor air quality in the buildings we service. As an additional benefit, eco-friendly products have been found to help lengthen the life of carpeting and other flooring, potentially reducing expense.
  • Keep break rooms and restrooms in pristine shape for happier, healthier employees and customers. Break room sinks and tables are prime areas to spread bacteria. Mildew, hair and germs quickly build up in a damp bathroom environment, which can trigger allergic reactions. Hello Cleaner effectively disinfect these areas, from faucets to light switches.

Leave it to the Pros

Our No. 1 tip is to hire professionals to ensure safe, comprehensive cleaning. Hello Cleaner delivers top-quality janitorial services to all types of offices, banks, medical facilities,  schools and more. Specialty services also are available.

Hello Cleaner has earned exceptional customer loyalty and retention for more than 10 years by exceeding client expectations. We offer flexible cleaning schedules to minimize disruptions to your business operations, including day, evening and weekend hours. Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services staff wear uniforms, and we maintain Safety Data Sheets on-site for all products used in your facility. We are fully insured.

Your employees and customers deserve the comforts of and allergy relief from a clean and dust-free work environment.


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