9 Ways To Make The Most of a Small Kitchen

9 Ways To Make The Most of a Small Kitchen

I’m just going to come right out and say it I have a small kitchen this means that I had to get creative when developing methods of storage in order to ensure that I have enough counter space to comfortably cook welcome to Hello Cleaner’s DIY and here are 9 ways how I harnessed the mess and managed to make the most out of my small kitchen.

1. It didn’t take me long to realize that small kitchens and tiny cabinets go hand in hand this means that you won’t be able to fit all of your pots and pans in them at least without sacrificing space that could be used to store other things a pot rack was a good solution hangs on the wall and holds ten pots and they’re matching lids and now you could have more storage space.

2. Usually small kitchens come with very limited counter space there’s literally a small strip of it running alongside one wall with the sink in the middle of it sometimes you had to make a choice between using that space to store larger appliances like the coffee maker and toaster or using it for meal prep in the end if you like to cook then you would rather have that space to chop things.

3. Small kitchens don’t exactly have the space for all that seemingly useless decor your ceramic cookie jar and matching figurines need to go into storage because they were taking up valuable counter space in order to open things up a lot of the other decor had to be put away as well keep things simple in there which is nice because it does make the room look bigger.

4. Here’s something that I learned through practice make the most of your cabinets usually the bottom cabinets don’t come with shelves or anything as they were one big open space once you reorganize your pots and pans you would have plenty of space to work with so divide them up using wire shelving it would double your storage space and easily movable so you can rearrange things whenever you need two.

5. Small kitchens can benefit from white paint rather than be tempted by everything that a colorful kitchen has to offer paint them white instead the color makes it easy to see any dirt and grime and the room looks much bigger especially once you paint the walls and cabinets the same shade of white and installed some coordinating tile what the experts say about dark colors is true they really do make a small room look even smaller.

6. Sometimes you have to get a little creative in order to make the most of the space in your small kitchen for example if your range and oven combo has a warming tray at the bottom store all your cutting boards there you could also store your baking sheets in a small strip of space in between your pantry and the wall they’re out of sight stay clean and you don’t have to worry about stashing them elsewhere.

7. A little creativity goes a long way to make your small kitchen functional do you need an extra storage and counter space but didn’t have a way to install any additional permanent cabinets try to purchase a small movable cabinet then place it along the only remaining open wall in the room although you do have to move it a bit to open up one of the bottom cupboard doors but it works.

8. If you love to cook then you would have a number of spices and seasoning blintz on hand at all times sometimes the problem is your lack of storage space I had one cabinet filled with nothing but those seasonings and a number of cups and things that didn’t have a home try to install a hanging spice rack on the back of the door that leads into the kitchen it doesn’t take up any valuable wall space and all the seasonings are within reach when you need them.

9. Proportions are what really matter here in my small kitchen overly large items like appliances just look out of place they actually make the room look a lot smaller than it really is thankfully there are appliances available in different sizes and you are able to choose ones that look proportionate to the room I learned how to make the most of my small kitchen the hard way through trial and error follow them and you’ll have mastered using your small kitchen in no time.

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