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8 Helpful Cleaning Aids

8 Helpful Cleaning Aids:

1. Spray bottle – Keep in mind not to reuse spray bottles that have contained other chemicals.

2. Squeegee – A great tool to use when cleaning windows.

3. Cleaning rag or cloth – There’s no need to go out and buy this. Just use an old piece of 100% cotton clothing that you no longer wear; but cut out the zipper or cut off the buttons. You can even use old towels or worn out bed sheets which you can cut into different sizes if you want.

4. Natural sponges – Great for cleaning stains off carpets.

5. Microfiber cloth – Its fibers are made of nylon and polyester that’s finely split and woven into soft, absorbent, and thin material. Because it is electrostatic, dust naturally attracts to it. The fibers absorbs dirt and oil and does not shed lint like other cloths and paper towels; which makes it easier to clean mirrors with no streaking either. Interestingly, it can repel water; yet when dampened with hot water, it’s great for cleaning window frames, walls and countertops without cleaning solution. They cost a little more but last longer because you can wash and reuse them. And they dry really fast too. You should be able to find these around at drugstores or car accessories stores. But you can definitely find them online.

6. Scrub brush (soft and firm bristles) – Some brush bristles are firmer for hard scrubbing that doesn’t damage the article. But soft bristles are for more delicate items that still need a scrub. You can also use a toothbrush if that’s more suitable for what you are cleaning.

7. Razorblade – Makes it easy to scrape off dried and stuckon things from mirrors.

8. Newspaper – Instead of paper towels, newspapers are great for wiping windows and mirrors.

Granted, some people are not into measuring things and mixing cleaning solutions. That’s fine. This is where you can alternatively go to the health food store, hardware store, grocery store or online and buy “natural” cleaning products that’s already mixed with these same natural ingredients. These are becoming more available now because companies are feeling the pressure to become more eco-friendly, safer and less toxic.

It’s nice to know there are so many other less costly options available for cleaning that we can all take advantage of and thus contribute to a safer environment for the planet.

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