7 Ways to Make Your Home Smell Fresh and Clean

7 Ways to Make Your Home Smell Fresh and Clean

7 Ways to Make Your Home Smell Fresh and Clean: What if I told that I can show you how to make your house to smell amazing with things you already had at home for very little money. Would you be into it? I thought so! All right, lets get to it. Stovetop Simmer, a great way to make your whole house, well at least your main floor, smelling incredible is just to simple boil up some nice smelly ingredients in a pot with water or you can also do this in crock-pot and let it simmer all day. The concept is the same, fill your vessel half way with water, add any combination of nice ingredients. So, here I have cinnamon, cloves, oranges and vanilla extract. The goal here is you are going to bring to a boil or you are going to heat your slow cooker on low and you are going let your slow cooker sit all day and simmer and once this has hit a boil you will bring it down to simmer and let that go for a couple of hours. If its a pot on the stove make sure its attended and this, thankfully, can be left unattended. Joe Fresh, If you’ve every been to the perfume department in a fancy department store, you’ve probably seen little cups with coffee grinds sitting out, or coffee beans. Then you just give it a quick smell between perfumes and that helps cleanse your palate. Well, coffee grinds can actually help deodorize any space in your home.

Just put them into a bowl or an open-air container like this. Stick them anywhere that needs deodorizing, such as your closet, drawers. Leave it there and you’ll see the coffee grinds will start to absorb all of that odor. Change it out fairly regularly. It won’t smell like coffee, but those odors will be gone. Vanilla Vibes if you love the vanilla vibe as much as I do. Here is a great way you can use vanilla extract to help make your fridge smell better. Now, there are two things you can do. The first one is you can wipe the plastic interior parts of your fridge down which a little bit of vanilla extract on a paper towel. That helps neutralize odors and plastic is porous so this really helps. The other thing you can do is soak a couple of cotton balls in vanilla extract, leave that in a bowl, just open air in the fridge somewhere and that will help neutralize the odors as well.

I love essential oils. And I use them wherever I can and you can use them to help deodorize and spruce up any space in your home as well and it’s quite simple to do. If you have a nebulizer, you can some essential oils to that, you can make your own reed diffuser, we have a video on that which I will link down below, but some easy, simple things you can do that really require no effort at all. Just take a little cotton ball, put it in a bowl and add about drops of your favorite essential oil or blend of essential oils and plant that anywhere in your house. It will just help freshen up the space and gently disperse that smell. Here are a couple of other fun things you can do with essential oils around the house. Every time you change out your furnace filter, drop five or drops of your favorite essential oil right onto the furnace filter. You can also put a few drops on your light bulb, that way every time you flick on the light, you’ll disperse a nice, gentle scent. Baking Soda, you have probably heard me talk about baking soda because it’s great for cleaning but it is even better for deodorizing. I can’t explain the science behind it but I can tell you, it is a master when it comes to eating up odors. So, what I like to do with baking soda is simply dump some of it into a container, you can put this anywhere around the house and it will simply absorb odors. That’s why people love putting baking soda in the fridge. The other thing you can do is put some baking soda in a sachet like this or sachet, I know this is polarizing but, if you put this in the sock drawer or a closet, it will really help remove odors. And finally, I love using baking soda on soft surfaces like carpet and upholstery. Just sprinkle it on there, leave it for minutes and then vacuum it up. That baking soda will help lift dirt to the surface but it will also take any odors with it.

I love the smell of coffee and well all of the solutions that we talked about are great ways to make your home smell nice. The real way to deodorize your home is to clean the smell at the source. So that means, you’ve got to clean your house on a regular basis. Specifically, if you notice that your house is smelly, here’s some things that you can do. Make sure you have a no shoes in the house policy or indoor shoes only. We talk about this a lot, but shoes track in dirt and dirt smells. Also, make sure you’re vacuuming your soft surfaces, carpets and upholstery on a regular basis. You also want to empty your garbages because that leads to odors as well. And make sure that you open your windows. Let that fresh air come in, it will really make your house smell amazing. Check out that simmering action. That is one of my absolute favorite scents. It’s a combination of vanilla, cinnamon, citrus – oranges – and cloves. And my house smells amazing. So now, you know how to make your house smell amazing too. Whether it’s filling your home with some nice simple scents or removing odors all together, my goal was to help you figure out how to do that without having to lay out any big bucks. The common question this week, and I’m very curious to see your answers, so please fill the comments section with them, what are your favorite scent combinations. I mean, I know a few that I really like. I love rosemary, lemon, and vanilla. That mixed together is phenomenal. But, I’d love to know what else is good and exciting and smells wonderful.

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