7 Things We Need To Clean More Often

7 Things We Need To Clean More Often

Hi guys welcome back to our blog, today i’m sharing seven things we need to clean more often some of these you may already be doing and some you may not have cleaned in quite a while and that’s okay we’re going to get to seven things that we really need to clean more often. 

So the first one is our cleaning gloves we put them on to clean the toilet or scrub things so that our hands don’t get dirty or just to protect our nails and our manicure and keep our hands from drying out but often I think we put them right back after we’ve been cleaning and don’t think about cleaning the actual gloves so what I do is I wash the gloves with them on my hands just like I would wash my hands I scrub them just like I would wash my hands and then hang them up to dry so if i’m cleaning bathrooms I do this in between each bathroom.

Next we have the sink and faucet and basically everything around the sink that you use I don’t actually use sponges but if you use sponge those need to be clean often so it’s really great to wipe down your faucets not only in the kitchen but also in the bathroom because obviously we are touching these with dirty hands and then if you have your soap out or you use a tray like me it’s important to spray that down and sanitize that often as well anything wet can really harbor bacteria and things so it’s great to keep these clean.

We also need to clean our sinks regularly we rinse our fruit and vegetables in here sometimes we even soak things in our kitchen sink or give the baby a bath but we’re also sometimes putting raw meat on the garbage disposal or rinsing off dishes with raw meat just lots of things in our sink and garbage disposal so I like to use baking soda and vinegar I feel it gets it really clean.

It’s also important to clean our dishwasher regularly so I usually look around my dishwasher make sure nothing has broken and is in the bottom or there aren’t any food particles in the bottom and then I wipe along the edges and also I clean the outside and the handle every night after dinner especially with covid I like to make sure frequently touched handles and knobs and things are clean but we’re talking about the inside it’s really important to clean your dishwasher regularly so that it can function well and clean your dishes. I use two cups of white distilled vinegar and I just put it in the top of the dishwasher and then run it.

Now more than ever it’s important to clean our phones I clean my phone every time I use it when I go out because we are constantly touching things touching our phone and eating while we’re looking at our phones so I always clean my phone use whatever is safe for your phone.

We also need to be washing our face masks regularly I live in Dubai and we have to wear our face mask anywhere that we go that is public so we have to wear them to the gym the entire time the grocery store pretty much anywhere so i’m constantly wearing a mask and I have a bunch of them but I just throw them in the laundry bag and wash them.

It is also important to clean our handbags and purses regularly the same thing we’re constantly touching things and constantly touching our bag where we go to pay and we have to open up our bag and then we bring it home it’s really important not to just throw it on the counter or on the bed or something but have a specific place for your handbag but it’s also great to wipe them down regularly use whatever is safe for your handbag and just wipe all of the touched areas I clean it all but especially the handles the straps a lot of times I will just use a crossbody bag just so that i’m not having a bag that I have to constantly put down but it still is something that i’m touching frequently so it’s important to clean it.

Thank you so much for reading guys I hope you enjoy this article and I will see you in my next one.


Why clean once a week when you can keep your home clean throughout the week!